Convenience Smoothies – it’s a thing

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There’s a reason you don’t see me posting many pictures of smoothies or green juice on here – I don’t drink them. I’d prefer to have some crunch my fruits and vegetables and eat them whole than mix them up into green sludge – and don’t even get me started on the fact that life is waaaaaayyyy to short to clean a juicer. I happily consume at least five portions of fruit and veg daily and so don’t feel the need to blend, however, I was in Tesco the other night and I spotted this…

It’s ready cut, ready portioned mango, apple and kale – all you do is stick it in your smoothie maker, add water and whizz – and there you go, your own ready to drink green goodness. At the point I couldn’t decide if this was absolutely genius or the laziest thing I’d ever seen (and this is someone who does buy ready cut melon when I want melon because I can’t be faffed to cut the real stuff). Whatever it was, there was one in my basket faster than you could say ‘three for a fiver’.

It was a couple of days before I had an occasion to drink it – I’d got back from the gym starving and decided I needed a snack before lunch – this would be my snack. I popped it all into the blender, whizzed and about a minute later had thick green sludge. At this point I tried to photograph it, but, it just looked like pond slime in a glass – seriously, how do people make smoothies look good when they photograph them, it’s beyond me. The good news was, it actually tasted pretty good – personally I would have preferred to have the kale, mango and apple with some prawns in a salad, but, the liquified version was pretty tasty .


Other Convenience Smoothie Ideas

Before this though I’d been sent an even lazier  more convenient form of smoothie – called Love Your Blender, it’s basically a bend of nuts, seeds, superfood powders and dried fruit that you add to your blender with a liquid and, if you want to, some extra fruit – there are four different suggestions on each sachet to choose from.

I’d tried three out of the five flavours so far – and they’re really tasty.

My only criticism is that I think you need a slightly better blender than I have – while mine works fine on fresh fruit and veg, it didn’t cut through some of the ingredients in these sachets – and I was picking bits of leaf and stem out of my teeth for ages. If you’ve got a nutribullet though you’d probably be good to go.

Here’s what the sachets look like before…again, my after pictures leave a lot to be desired so, use your imagination to work out what they actually look like in a drink (and if someone could post an idiots guide to photographing smoothies in the comments that would be handy).


A quick google shows me though that these are not the only ‘convenience smoothies’ out there – you can buy frozen blends from Love Smoothies at Ocado, Waitrose also do their own version called LoveLife and there’s heaps of others out there…seems it’s never been easier to join the wellness revolution – next thing you know someone will be making a ready made Caulfilower Rice that you just shove in the microwave……oh, that’s right, they already have!



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