5 Steps to Help You Find a Great Botox Doctor

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If you want good Botox, you have to find a good Botox doctor – Botox’s ability to make you look good is only as good as the talent and experience of the person wielding the needle. So, here’s a few tips to help you find someone.

woman with her eyes closed - a hand in a latex glove holds a Botox needle near her face

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In the unlikely event, I ever become elected to a position of power, one of the (few) things on my manifesto would be that celebrities must own up to exactly what they do to look they way they do (and who they use to do it).

Reason one is that it would take the pressure off the rest of us as we’d realise that in most cases, “good genes” are augmented by hours of workouts and liberal time in the chair of a professional skin guru.

After all, I remember talking to one celebrity’s personal trainer. She had told the world that she had transformed her body “with yoga” neglecting to mention the two hours a day she spent running around her garden with him so they paparazzi didn’t spot them.

Magazines are now full of celebrities who used to deny having things done confessing all now they’ve given them up!

I once, embarrassingly, told a Botox doctor I didn’t want to look like a certain celebrity – only for him to be pictured coming out of her house a week later – see, if she’d owned up, I wouldn’t have wasted either of our time going to see him.

Reason 2: if we do want to have things done, we’d know who’s good and who’s bad!

Celebrities who generally go to the best Botox doctor they can find – otherwise, the whole world knows they’ve had a tiny needle slip up.

If they had to fess up as to who they all saw, the rest of us would know who to visit!

I admit to anyone that I have Botox – have done for years – I’ll also happily tell anyone that I have fillers in the lines by my mouth. And, as I think I have a good Botox doctor and a great injector of fillers, I’ll also happily recommend my ‘jabbers’ to anyone who asks for their names.

Until celebrities own up though, it’s up to you to do your research as to find a good Botox doctor and, even if their qualifications are brilliant determine if they are the right person for you.

Having moved countries a  few times over the last few years, I’ve had to chop and change my Botox doctor a few different times and my advice is this interview your injector as if you were thinking of employing them for any other job. When I do it, I use the following five steps…

5 Steps to Find a Good Botox Doctor

Checking Qualifications is a Must.

I prefer to use a surgeon or cosmetic doctor as I think they have a better understanding of the subtle anatomy of the face.

If you’re choosing either of these people plastic surgeons should be a member of BAAPS.

Cosmetic doctors are a bit harder as there’s currently no official regulator. Registration with the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations means that you’re getting your jabs in a safe environment and you’re being injected with legitimate product, but doesn’t regulate the skill of the injector.

Members of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (formally the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors) however must reach a peer-reviewed standard, retrain regularly – and have insurance.

Always Ask to See Pictures of Someone’s Past Work

Even better, talk to a patient.

Some doctors specialise in a certain type of look – and that might not be one that suits you.

If you want something subtle, it’s probably best not to go to someone whose entire lookbook is duck pouts and pillowy cheeks.

If that’s the look you want, then going to someone who specialises in barely-there effects like Baby Botox won’t be a match made in heaven.

Ask Friends and Family

There’s no longer the stigma of having work done that there used to be, many people now either have work done themselves or, at last know someone who has a little help here and there.

Ask them if they have a good Botox doctor that they visit and if they’d recommend them.

Know What You Want to Achieve

This was a tip a plastic surgeon I interviewed gave me. He said it’s absolutely vital to be completely clear what bothers you about your face.

Saying ‘I want to look younger’ is very different from thinking the bags under your eyes make you look older and you hate them.

Be as specific as possible about what you dislike.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen if the expert advises you (sensibly) otherwise, but they aren’t psychic. What they think may make you look younger might not actually rectify the problem that concerns you most.

The only time my botox went slightly wrong was when I didn’t remind the injector what I wanted to achieve. And he was normally a good Botox doctor.

Meet The Injector

Never go to any clinic where you don’t actually meet the person who will be working on you.

You must meet the person who is working on your face. No exceptions.

Other red flags, I once enquired about botox from a surgeon who didn’t touch or look at my face once in the consultation (he didn’t get the job).

Be wary of anyone who rushes you into an appointment, tries to force you into having more done than you planned (without clearly explaining why they think it’s a better option).

Personally, I’d also be sceptical about anyone offering a discount deal or who you find via a coupon site. The best Botox doctors are booked up in advance – they don’t need to offer discount deals to get people in through the door.

As I say, it’s vital to do your own research but if you are interested in who I’ve been to.

In London, I saw Dr Ross Perry for Botox, and the fabulous Marie Duckett for fillers.

For my fillers and Botox in Sydney I saw Dr Peter Bakaric and his amazing ‘trained mosquito’ needle (he’s so gentle it’s like a tiny insect bite when the needle goes in) and in Auckland, Dr Piergiovanni Marzinotto at the Skin Institute Takapuna (no-one has ever given me an eyebrow arch like he did).

pic @iStockphoto.com/DomenicoGelermo


Of course, the skill of a good Botox doctor isn’t the only way to fight ageing. You can do a lot with supplements, skincare and through diet and nutrition.

Here’s some of the other things I’ve used.

I’ve reviewed Pure Gold Collagen (click here to read it) on this blog before. If you’ve got younger skin just showing the first signs of ageing, then you want the pink box below (simply click the pics and you’ll go straight to the Amazon page where you can buy them or find out more).

Older skins might need a bit more oomph, so try the Forte products in the red box which are for skin of those aged 40+.

I’ve also checked out Skinade – another collagen drink that aims to fight wrinkles from within. Click here to read my review on that.

If you’d prefer a more holistic approach check out this book by Dr Nigma Talib –she’s responsible for the skin of stars like Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz and her inside-out plan aims to turn back time through changing your diet.

Finally, I am obsessed with The Ordinary range of skincare. It’s the one thing I’ve found that makes me skin look great, doesn’t bring me out in spots and it’s so cheap – the moisturiser below is less than £6.00
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