The Moderator Eat Less Device Reviewed

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It’s that time of the year when trees are festoned with glitter, pavements are covered in half eaten post party kebabs and the average family lounge is full of chocolate, wine bottles and nuts that you never eat because you can’t find the nutcracker. In other words it’s Waistline Armageddon. Behold however your potential saviour in pink plastic – The Moderator.The Moderator is a willpower boosting device to help you break bad habitsThe Moderator is basically two plastic rings that you wear over the index finger and middle finger of your hand. Designed to help make it easier for you to break habits like smoking, excessive drinking and mindless nibbling the plan is that a) it reminds you that you’re supposed to not be doing such things as every time you reach you reach for your sinful substance you get a flash of bright colours in front of your eyes b) by physically constraining two of your fingers it actually stops you picking up the cigarette or sticking your fingers in the Quality Street tin making it impossible to pick things up!


When I first tested it, my criticism was it was great for stopping night time nibbling (seriously, try and get a crisp out of a packet wearing it, it’s actually impossible) but I couldn’t type with it on so it was useless for wearing during the day. That was when I wore a medium sized one. Today I’ve put on a larger one and while it’s frustrating, I have typed this whole paragraph wearing it! However I believe I might also now be dextrous enough to reach for snackage which might defeat the object somewhat.

It is however a good reminder and it does prevent completely mindless munching. Not as much as a padlock in the cupboard until Dec 25th but……If you want to give it a try, it costs £6.99 and you’ll find it at this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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