Crobar – It’s A Bug Based Snack

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Much excitement in Not Normal Towers this week when the Postman arrived as one of the packages he was carrying contained samples of Crobar – aka the first product for sale in the UK made from…….drumroll……cricket flour. Yes, that’s right, our first bug bar has arrived. Let the insect-eating revolution begin.

I would, however, defy you to tell this by looking at it out of the packet. It looks like every other clean eating and paleo bar out there. There are no stray wings, no lurking legs, not even a stray antenna to act like dental floss. The reason is that it’s not made from whole insects but a finely milled cricket flour mixed with things like peanuts, dates, sultanas, sunflower seeds, goji berries and cacao to make a bar.

Regular readers will know I’m no stranger to the bug-eating idea and when you’ve eaten actual silkworm larvae, spiders, giant snails etc, a bit of milled cricket holds no fear. I

‘ve also had bug bars before in the US. I do have to say though, this one is actually really, really good – especially the Cacao and Cricket Flour one. I’d actually go as far as to say they are nicer than some of the other natural bars I’ve tried. If you can get past the whole OMG I’M EATING BUGS thing.

I’ve explained before why we should be eating insects, but I did learn a few extra cricket specific facts from the Crobar team…like

10g of crickets contains your daily dose of vitamin B12
They have twice the iron of spinach
And they contain omega 3 fats too

I’m also strangely fascinated by the fact that the crickets used in the flour have, and I quote here ‘been fed a diet or organic nuts and seeds and fruits to give them a nutty flavour’ -blimey, they eat better than me – but the bars are super tasty so it works.

As for nutrition, you’re looking at a smidge over 180 calories a bar, there’s between 10-13g of sugar (from fruit sources) and 10g of fat – mostly unsaturated, so not bad.

If you want to give them a try, you’ll find them in Wholefoods and Nutricentre at £2.29 a bar. You can also find more information at their website

Let me know what you think if you try one….and if there’s any other strange foods you’d like me to try (so you don’t have to), let me know.

image of crobar insect bar

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  1. Minnie skalinkie

    Gotta try this. If you can do it I can. Quite a lot of calories though in a small bar?

    1. healthehelen (Post author)

      Its comparable to most of those bars – and it looks bigger than a Nakd because it’s flatter. And still fewer than a Mars Bar – I gauge everything on the Mars Bar index.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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