Check out this fun Mini-Triathlon for the Gym

Well my little kick up the arse the other day really does seem to have made a difference. I’m excited about posting again, and this making good choices thing seems to be working – Sunday night’s pub dinner was salmon fillet, cous cous and herb salad (yes, we were in the gastropub). And yesterday was a resounding diet success of Banana and Peanut Butter Ryvitas, Mackerel, Brown Rice and Spinach salad and Chicken, Chorizo, Tomato and Onion salad with garlic mushrooms

Yesterday’s real fun and excitement though came in the gym. I came across an email from the gym Fitness First with their prescription for a mini in-gym triathlon. I was to do as a follows….

1.5km on the rower

6km on the bike

3km running

Of course before that I had to a 10 minute warm up and my weights, so 30 minutes after I arrived at the gym I began my tri-training.

The rower was a cinch – 9 minutes, no problems

The bike: I’ve already discussed how boring I find the bike, so it was a bit trying forcing myself to stay on it for 6km. Then I noticed the guy next to me had been on there four minutes longer than me, but was going a lot slower. Competitive nature kicked in and so I decided I had to reach 6km faster than him – which I did (natch). That was another 13.32 minutes.

Next the run – I was surprised that my legs weren’t gaga at this point. I’d done 50kg leg presses again, plus a cycle, but all was good. I started at 9km which rapidly got very boring and so, I cranked it up 0.1km whenever I got bored, ended up with a finishing speed of 10.6km and did my 3km in 19.07. I wanted to do it in 18.30 but I obviously didn’t crank fast enough!

The result was the longest amount of time I’d spent in the gym in ages. Give it a try yourself today and let me know how much you thrash me by.


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