Why I Love Matching Toenails & Flip Flops

Well the diet is going swimmingly – yesterday’s meals included yogurt with apple and peanut butter; salad with new potatoes, prawns and crabsticks, cajun fish with salsa and spinach. However, evenings are proving an interesting test of willpower. I have a bit of yogurt with some fruit – but then, the oatcakes start calling. Strange isn’t it, that the thing I’m craving most is not chocolate, cake or crisps but oatcakes. I have therefore had to develop distraction techniques – the result is, I’m trying out that thing they tell you in magazines (and that I have written more than once) of painting my nails to keep my hands busy and out of the fridge. Well specifically, I’m painting my toenails.

I’d come across a fantastic idea the other day in InStyle magazine – it was from nail polish company Essie. They’ve created nail polishes to exactly match specific colours of Tkees flip flops.  As the sun is currently out in the UK at the moment – and flip flops are the shoes I was born to wear in this situation this is a great idea but the shoes are about £30 a pair over here. Are they insane? They are flip flops. Two bits of rubber and a sole. I’m not paying that for them!

So, I’d got creative…..I’d trotted to Deichmanns and bought a pair of bright flip flops, reduced to £1.49 . Then I’d trotted off to Boots to match them to nail polish. I found the perfect polish in the Collection 2000 aisle. £1.99 a polish – bargain! So, what does the end result look like…… not bad, particularly for less than £3 – just ignore my ugly feet!

Deichmann Flip Flops with Collection 2000 Polish in Blue Hawaii

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  1. Lu

    I like!!

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  3. saralyn

    i love matching polish with flip flops..i have flip flops in every color of the rainbow and buy polish to match everyone as the mood suits me.everyone tells me how good i look


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