Time to Take a Photo Walk

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I was still feeling slightly fragile from yesterday’s bug plus I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours so I figured taking it easy was the order of the day. Time to try a Photo Walk.

A Photo Walk is a great way to keep your mind occupied while you exercise but it’s also a great way to improve happiness. The idea is that while out on your walk you take pics of anything that fits the following four categories….

  1. You think is beautiful
  2. That makes you smile
  3. That inspires you
  4. That makes you appreciate your life.

Now I don’t live in a particularly beautiful place so I figured that if I could come up with five pics that did any of those things on my walk then anyone could manage it. Note a Photo Walk isn’t a photography competition, it’s aim is not to reveal your artistic side but to make you see what’s good in life – the more you do that the happier you become.

So what things did I find on my Photo Walk ….

I photographed a bee on a flower. I used to hide from bees but now reading about how they are at risk, and how much of nature relies on them, I feel honoured and grateful whenever I see one.

The bus timetable. A strange thing to picture you might think. But I don’t drive and so without the bus I’m staring at my own four walls day in day out. They cancelled for a few months once and it wasn’t good. I’m happy to see it back and grateful that it’s there.


The pretty flower above. I just liked the colours and shapes.

The Carriage. This fascinates me…..it’s always outside this house. Why is it there? Do they have a horse hidden in the back garden? Is it a secret fortune telling business? Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Planners? Someone tell me please…….

My feet. They aren’t pretty but they work. Enough said.

If you like this idea but don’t fancy taking photographs, or if you’re going for a run and don’t fancy stopping and starting to embrace your inner David Bailey you can also just aim to list things that make you happy in your mind. Here’s what happened when I tried that. Or, why not try a 10,000 steps treasure hunt where you choose 5-6 things you have to find and aim to fulfill them as you walk. I had a blast when I tried that one.

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