Ode to the Caramello Koala

Caramello Koalas

Behold, chocolate lovers – this is what temptation and 6540 calories looks like – enough to see you gain almost 2lb! In this pile are 67 Caramello Koalas. They are my favourite chocolate and whenever anyone comes over from Australia I ask them to bring me a couple – my lovely friend Dinh took this to the max.

I love Caramello Koalas – for starters – it’s chocolate stuffed with caramel what’s not to love?.  Next they are only 97 calories each so you can consume one without blowing any diet – in fact, when I lived in Sydney, the walk to the shop and back to buy one negated the calories consumed eating one. However the main reason I love the Caramello Koala is that they have little happy faces and little fat tubby tummies and they make me smile every time I eat one. I can spend ages deciding whether to eat the ears first or the little chocolatey feet (a friend of mine doesn’t mess about with either she goes straight in for the fat tummy full of chocolate) and, instead of cramming them down I nibble at them enjoying every second.

I am not alone in the feet vs face munching debate. Click on the koala to find a Facebook page dedicated to such things

However, Caramello Koalas are not on the DNA Diet plan! I have removed five in case of emergency (aka PMT), the others are going to a place of safety to be dispensed one by one when need is great. I have told The Boyfriend that they are to last me into next year – and considering I made my last supply of 24 last four months I’m thinking that it’s completely feasible they might last a whole twelve months!!! I’m also seriously impressed with my willpower considering they’ve been in the house since Saturday and I haven’t had one yet. So, c’mon tell me, what treat would you have people bring you if you moved countries?


Oh and if you’re an Aussie who has stumbled across this page with a faintly whistful look in your eyes you might be extremely pleased to hear that you can actually buy Caramelllo Koalas via amazon. Just click the link and you’ll go the magical page of happiness where all your chocolately dreams will come true.

NYNHB is an amazon affiliate. If you click the link and make a purchase I get a small commission at no extra cost to you


  1. Arian

    When I left the UK I missed Galaxy chocolate and Dime bars. I still miss any food from M&S.

    1. healthehelen

      M&S food is not so good now they’ve taken the salt out. Except the Fireburst salad which I am currently addicted to. It’s red rice and carrot with ginger dressing. Yum. I shall post you a Galaxy when I send you chewing gum.


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