It’s time for a DNA Diet Friendly Breakfast

Right DNA We’re two days in and it’s time for me to get creative on your arse. See nothing is going to make me fall of the diet wagon faster than boredom and feeling constrained, especially as this plan that I am on has got fairly rigid rules. For those who don’t know I’m trying a DNA diet – that’s a diet supposed to suit my weight loss genes and while it contains a lot of food, it’s quite specific

What I can eat on the DNA Diet

For breakfast. I can have…….

1 portion of low fat dairy – this means 250ml milk. 6tbsp low fat yogurt or 60g cottage cheese

2 portions of carbohydrate – that means things like four Ryvitas, two bits of toast or 8tbsp of cereal

1 portion of fat – that’s 1 and a half teaspoon of peanut butter,10 peanuts, two tablespoon of avocado or two Brazil nuts (two?  Can you say major drain on my willpower)

A bit of fruit

This is shedloads of food – more than I ever normally eat for breakfast. The disadvantage is, I’m not a fan of sweet food in the morning. So while so far I’ve gone for the yogurt, fruit, ryvita option and skipped the fat, I’m desperately craving my normal hummus on toast or tuna fish crackers (yes, I eat weird morning food). My challenge today therefore was to think of  six other food options that fit the DNA Diet rules – but taste more savoury. I’ve come up so far with…

Toast with mashed avocado and a glass of milk

Smoothie made with milk and banana. Toast and peanut butter

Apple dipped in peanut butter. Yogurt and Toast

Tapanade (made with olives and low fat mayo) with crackers and a glass of milk – weirdly this seems the most appealing!

Tahini with Ryvita, fruit and milk – also appealing.

Crackers with cottage cheese, tomato (aren’t they a fruit!) and some almonds. 

Now, all I have to do is buy those things – and keep myself from eating the peanut butter directly from the jar with my finger. Which brings me nicely to Today’s Top-Diet Tip – did you know that when faced with temptation, clenching your fists or bum muscles boosts your willpower? I shall try it once the Crunchy PB enters the house.

Today’s exercise: 10 minutes on the cross trainer while watching Victoria Pendleton and Anna Meares’s grudge match. 10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill (5mph, 13 mph). 5 minutes bike Tabata (I’d got all inspired by Pendleton/Meares), 5 minutes rowing and 10 minute swim.

Oh, and if there’s any creative foodie types out there who can come up with any other DNA Diet breakfast suggestions for me, I’ll take them…..




  1. Constance

    Are you allowed protein during your breakfasts?
    If so I would suggest you make a breakfast pancake, they are seen throughout several different diets, are very customisable.

    You can use egg whites or whole eggs, or a mix of both, oat meal or oat bran as your carb, and then peanutbutter on top for your fat (or if you use whole eggs, then the egg yolk can be your fat)

    You can put yogurt in it or cover it in yogurt (or both) for your dairy, you can put berries in it or on it for your fruit. Like I said, many options.

    If you like your breakfasts less sweet, then use spices like parsley, basil, etc to make it a more savory pancake.

    PS: Crunchy peanut butter is actually my kryptonite as well. 😛 Good luck!

    1. healthehelen

      Thank for the suggestion, sounds yummy. Officially I’m not allowed protein other than dairy at breakfast – though theoretically I could swap things around. I know what I’m like when I start mixing things up though – I do better with rigid rules (and I break those a fair bit as well!).

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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