There’s such a thing as a Flat Peach!

I still find it amazing, that I am in my forties, have lived in three different countries and have travelled a lot – yet, I can still walk into a supermarket or a restaurant and find something that I have never eaten before; sometimes this is because things suddenly get trendy (samphire); sometimes it’s because I let go of preconceptions and consume something I thought I wouldn’t like (see my post on beef hearts), other times it’s simply because scientists have done something bonkers in a greenhouse – and this is what happened last night when I encountered a Flat Peach and Flat Nectarine in my local Tesco.

flat peach aka donut peach

Doughnuts…..they look like Doughnuts

I spotted them because, in their packaging flat peaches aka Saturn Peaches look like doughnuts – in fact in the US they are known as the Donut Peach – and I couldn’t work out why there was a pack of doughnuts next to the apricots. I then spotted the words ‘Flat Peach’  and next to them the ‘Flat Nectarine’. This alone was too good for me to resist (I’d already got excited the aisle down by the purple dragonfruit, but it was £2.00 for one so The Boyfriend told me to put it back!) but then I read the packaging… ‘Specially selected for the perfect bite….all the delicious sweet taste of an ordinary peach without the mess.’ Upon reading this my little heart sang with joy.

I like fruit, but I don’t like messy fruit – The Boyfriend has to peel my oranges for me or I refuse to eat them and I don’t ever bite into fruit like apples, pears, peaches and nectarines. Instead I eat them by cutting them into little pieces. As such much of my fruit consumption is of the berry variety – bite sized, non-messy fruit therefore seemed like a dream come true – and an exciting afternoon snack choice – apparently they are 45 calories each!

Look, little cucumber Mickey heads

Of course, I also wanted to know how you grow a flat peach?

I thought it was going to be grown in special moulds like Mickey Mouse cucumbers or Square Watermelons, but apparently not. Instead, flat peaches grow naturally in China, and the nectarines have been cultivated using these. Both types have white flesh and a nice sweet taste. Apparently, hipster food types have been using them for a few years now, but I can safely say this is the first time I’ve come across them a supermarket.

So, how do they stack up for munching I hear you ask? Really, really well – in fact, it’s quite bizarre as they literally do fit perfectly into your mouth so there’s no drippy juice down your chin. If they could just make the stones edible as well they’d be perfect.

Main image: © Csaba Deli

Pack shot: Tesco. Mickey Cucumbers


  1. Karen Justice

    You can occasionally find these flat peaches here in NZ, but I haven’t seen nectarines yet. Yes i had to buy them too when i first saw them.
    Dragonfruit????? Haven’t heard of those.

    1. healthehelen

      They are (normally) pink spiky fruit with white insides with little black seeds in them. I’m not that keen on them tastewise, but the idea of one with purple f,lrsh was hyperexciting Sadly they are so distinctive I couldn’t sneak it in to the trolley.

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