Testing the ‘Intervals’ App by tinyMission

Right now I’m trying to exercise every day for a month using different ideas, tips and tricks to see what works and what doesn’t. Today I’m testing the intervals app by tinyMission

The reason is that the sun is shining today so I wanted to really wanted to just for a run outside but 30 minute steady run is a bit dull for you guys to read, and anyway, I fancied cranking the speed up a notch – so I figured I’d see if the App store had an interval run for me. My friend Luella – more on her in a few weeks as she tested the cycling app Strava for me – said she had found one that you could do to music but she didn’t know what it was called (and it was 2.30am where she lives when I was going running so I didn’t think she’d appreciate a quick call to check) a quick hunt on itunes brought me to a free app called Intervals by tinyMission that looked like it could be it.

I downloaded it and it looked promising. The blurb says (I’m paraphrasing) you’ll be able run to your own music, choose levels based on your fitness level and do your workout without staring at your watch. Exactly what I needed. So how did that go then you’re asking…….not so well.

The Verdict

Let’s start with the positives – it does make you run faster. In fact by the end of the session I was shattered and knocked a minute off my route time. Erm, that’s the positives…

The negatives are going to take a leeetle bit longer to read… Here goes….

I can’t see how you personalise your fitness levels. There’s a heart rate guide, but as I don’t use a monitor that’s not going to help me.

You can’t change the intervals – and during the 30 minute basic run it’s set at 2 minutes per set which is a little too long for me to push myself for. I like short, very fast intervals with a longer recovery. This is the screen grab of the 45 minute hard intervals run. My legs are rebelling just looking at it.

It only ‘speaks’ when it’s time to change intervals – I would have liked a bit more ‘go on you’re doing great’ or even just a time count down – as it was I spent a lot of time looking at the screen seeing how long I had left so I might as well just have had a watch.

The worst thing – it’s very, very easy to pause. I’m not sure if it was touching the screen that did it, or changing volume on the music, but it paused twice in my run and I only noticed when my lungs started burning and I realised nothing had moved in a while. Even worse 25 mins in, it switched itself off completely.

It’s a great idea and it’s free, but for me, it had a few too many glitches. If you do want to try it though you’ll find it on itunes via this handy link

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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