What’s this DNA Diet thing then?

Okay, let’s just pretend it’s August the 2nd right now and I haven’t spent the last few days eating ice cream, doing no exercise and not blogging about weight loss. Right, now we’re on the same page of deceit, here we go…..I am now officially on the Nordiska DNA Diet.

I first tried the Nordiska Diet back in March for Cosmopolitan magazine – and omg, it was amazing. The only problem was that come April I nipped off to Australia for five weeks. My version of the DNA diet does not allow alcohol. My holiday to Australia did not allow teetotalism – they were never going to mix well. So, I dropped it like a (small, egg sized) hot potato. Here we are a few months later and all the clothes I bought when the weight fell off (and that didn’t fit when I got back off the plane) are glaring at me in the wardrobe waiting for an outing so I’ve decided to go back on the plan – and, as blogging about the exercise challenge last month kept me focused I decided I would do it while telling you guys all about it – and hopefully passing on some helpful diet advice along the way.

What is the DNA Diet about then?

The idea is pretty simple (albeit super high-tech). Theory is that our genes determine how hard or easy we find it to lose weight; they also control the foods you need to consume to do it fastest and which exercise will trigger fat loss best in your body. In the DNA Diet you send off a cheek swab and Nordiska send you back a report with your personal genetic profile. Mine does not make happy reading for a person who likes ice cream. Apparently, Nordiska tell me, I have a tendency to gain weight easily and weight loss is likely to be slower than I would like. My genes mean that my fat stores suck up any fat in my diet like a sponge and my metabolism is sluggish. If I’m going to shed pounds I need to stick to 1300 calories a day, cut my saturated fat superlow and do a lot of exercise…..Thanks for that.

Alongside this proclamation, I get a DNA diet sheet which tells me how many tablespoons of carbs, protein, fat free dairy, fruit, vegetables and fat I can eat. My first job therefore was to go and buy measuring spoons as I have no concept of what a tablespoon looks like. I’ll talk more specifically about the meals over the next few days, but for now what you need to know is this. I HAVE NEVER EATEN SO MUCH FOOD IN MY LIFE. Seriously, it’s ludicrous. Lunch alone requires 24tbsp of vegetables (plus other stuff) – breakfast has four Ryvita. It’s insane.

And so I’ve started…..two meals have been consumed and all is well in weight loss world. The Boyf is in control of dinner so I can’t fall under the spell of risotto again – it’s Tom Yum soup with Prawns and Veggies if you’d like to join in. And, once I’ve posted this blog and done a quick interview, I’m off for a run.  Let the slimdown commence.

TODAY’S QUICK DIET TIP: Swap ‘I Can’t’ for ‘I Don’t’: According to recent trials you’re eight times more likely to resist temptation if you say to yourself  ‘I don’t want’ or ‘I don’t need to eat’  something than if you say ‘I can’t have it.’

TODAY’S PAST POST UPDATE: Remember when I was doing the Exercise Challenge and I spoke about the PruHealth Tube Station Map – seems they’ve gone high tech. They’ve just relaunched it as an App with backing from Olympian Daley Thompson and added features like step by step walking directions and an inbuilt pedometer. Check it out here…..

What happened to the Nordiska DNA Diet?

If you’ve tried to find this diet recently,you’ll be out of luck – it disappeared off the market but then came back under a new name. The Nordiska DNA diet is now called DNA Fit – and it’s not the only plan out there any more. If  you want to find out more about some of the other DNA diets out there also have a look at these posts

The My Genes Diet launched a little bit after DNA Fit – here’s what I thought

DNA Fit don’t just offer diet advice, they also look at whether your genes work for fitness – here’s what they told me

.You can also get your Skin DNA analysed to see if you’re using the right products for you. I had a go at that as well!

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  1. Claire Hoya;

    Well you have inspired me to get back on the diet trail and so my quests starts today, I cannot say that I will embarking on the high tech diet you mention but will be counting calories and cutting down on carbohydrates,
    Let the 30 day challenge begin.


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