Weights Before Cardio: That’s new….

So, as I said the other day, I’ve had a food related epiphany thanks to trainer James Conci-Mitchell but he didn’t just attempt to change my eating habits. While he hasn’t given me an official training program, the one thing he did suggest I shake up about my exercise was the order in which I did it. Normally I do my cardio, then weights. James suggested I swap it round.

He wasn’t the first trainer who suggested I do so – another (very precious) one suggested it once, but as he claimed it was ‘the secret to his regime’ he wouldn’t let me print it. He also had a very convoluted explanation as to why weights first was the best plan, James was more simple. ‘You want to strip fat. Weight training strips fat. Do your cardio first and you’ll be tired when you do weights and you won’t have proper form and you won’t work hard enough.’ There is also another important point I didn’t think I’d mention to him at the time. Nine times out of ten, I do my cardio, then wander off into the changing room straight afterwards not doing any weights. If I do them first that isn’t going to happen.

The Verdict: I did work much harder – I haven’t done weights for a month so I should have dropped down a few kilos, yet I still managed to do 25kg lat pulldown (yes I know that’s still wimpy). I also did a 50kg leg press- I normally do 40kg. I also did more machines than normal – seven in total. And I did my cardio at full pelt too. In fact, I did my ‘go hard or go home’  workout for 30 mins afterwards.

Oh, and ladies who are a little scared of weights and whether they make you bulk up. I give you exhibit A – Zoe Smith. In the recent Olympics she lifted 121kg. She is not stacked like Schwarzenegger. Instead, she’s fit, toned and fantastic.

Making good choices update: I have been out the last two nights – the first night was to a Thai restaurant which I’ll talk about more tomorrow, the next night we went to the pub. I don’t know if it was watching Mo Farah run while looking at the menu or what, but nothing seemed like a ‘good choice’ the result was we drank up (I only had one white wine spritzer I hasten to add), went home and made DNA Diet Friendly Spag Bol before the 4x100m relay.

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Main image: freedigitalphotos.net

Image of Zoe Smith c/o @zoepablosmith Twitter.


  1. Karen Justice

    You go girl!!

  2. Sofie

    I usually do half of my cardio before the weights and then the other half of my cardio. Didn’t know it mattered in what order as long you do them… Will try doing the weights first next time.

    – Sofie


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