Soaking away aches with Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

Happy isn’t he, don’t you just want to feel like that? He’s also more inspiring than my exercise over the last two days. As much as I feel as over excited as poochy over there about this challenge, a day swanning about in London and a day of penance chained to my desk doing two days worth of work afterwards has meant that my exercise has taken the form of basic bog standard walking for the last two days.

On day 5, there was no time for formal exercise and so I just had to make do with walking between my day of appointments in London and going up and down the tube escalators, but it was worth it in the end as my Fitbit told me that I had walked 12,372 steps that day – that’s a little over five and a half miles. If you don’t know what a Fitbit is, you need to read my post on it – it is THE best exercise invention I’ve found yet. Yesterday, was slammed and so my only walk was a quick 30 minutes around the block as I restored my sanity between jobs. I was too embarrassed to look at the Fitbit after that one.

However, last night I did get the chance to test out the new Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak – all that going up the escalators the day before had actually made my calves ache! Most exercisers know Deep Heat from their muscle warming balm – one of the funniest things about running the Walt Disney World marathon is that the next day the whole theme park reeks of Deep Heat. You’ll be on Space Mountain (always funny trying to get in and out of the carriages on that one the day after a marathon) and virtually asphixiated by the fumes. Now however they’re branched out and created the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue range, that idea of which is it has a less ‘gym changing room’, more girly scent.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

First up is the Bath Soak, scented with a mix of rosemary, orange and patchouli, it doesn’t smell like a muscle soak should smell, but it is seriously relaxing when you sink into the bubbles and not only did my calves not ache afterwards, neither did my neck – which always aches as I spend eight hours a day typing.

This brings me nicely onto their second product, The Neck and Shoulder Cream. OMG this smells gorgeous – really eucalpytusey (is that a word?)  it’s almost worth having an achy neck so you can apply it each day. I confess to having the tube on my desk just so I can sniff it. This is a warming cream, like Deep Heat but not as intense. You rub it on your achy bits and about 10 minutes later a nice relaxed feeling starts to spread across your shoulders. And in my case, my hair – the tube has a handy sponge applicator so you apply the right amount and don’t have to get your hands smeary, but I still manage to end up rubbing some in my hair; I’m not sure it’s the best conditioner in the world.

If you want to give Deep Heat Muscle Rescue a try, you’ll find the products in pharmacies and supermarkets including Tesco. They’re also widely available online, priced between £4-6.00 depending on the site.

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  1. Karen

    I have a fitbit on order after reading your blog 🙂
    Really enjoying them. Must reply more!

  2. healthehelen

    Thank you my lovely. Hope all well with you. Must email everyone soon but between work, the blog, the exercise and spending time with himself, spare time very limited. You should see the pile of mags I have to read!

  3. iwtkangaroo

    Awesome pic… That is wisdom at it best! 🙂

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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