10 Reasons to Run the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

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The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon is run at Disneyland Paris every September.

The race was first run in September 2016 with about 9,000 competitors.

If you’re considering running the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, we’ve got 10 reasons why you might want to consider it…

Disneyladn Paris 10k run

  1. It’s the closest Disney race to the UK – and, having run lots of the US Disney races you can’t under-estimate how good it is to be able to run on more or less you’re own time zone – especially if you normally train in the morning.
  2. It also makes it considerably easier to do as a weekend break than the races in the USA. Obviously, if you’re reading this FROM the USA that doesn’t apply – in which case, HEY it’s an awesome excuse to visit Paris.
  3. It’s a nice gentle pace – you only have to maintain a 16-minute mile, that’s three hours and thirty minutes to complete the distance, which is a brisk walking pace.
  4. If you’re worried about coming last, don’t be – it’s a big field (and since that first race the numbers have increased) so chances of that are limited – but the person who does come last normally gets extra special treatment in a Disney race.
  5. If you’ve got to travel to a race – booking flights, hotels etc – it’s a lot harder to back out of on the day.
  6. The races are really fun – you get to have your picture taken with characters, run around castles and rides – what’s not to love? They don’t really feel like you’re running 13 miles.
  7. Costumes are encouraged – that means you can run in a skirt, full princess outfit (so long as it doesn’t drag on the ground) – or in my case, normal kit with an added running tiara.
  8. You get to own a running tiara – which comes in handy for parties too.
  9. They open entries super far in advance which means heaps of time to train, even if you’re not running very far right now – although do train, I’m making it sound easy here, but it is still 13 miles.
  10. All Disney medals are awesome – here’s some of my collection. I’m expecting the Paris one to be just as good.medals

If I’ve convinced you to investigate further, here’s where you need to go to find out more details. Let me know if you do enter.


  1. Lynne

    oooo shiney medals. I have bling envy. Can’t wait to get my own!
    I’m tempted to be last in the hope that Mickey will run across the finish line with me!

  2. alysakim

    HAve you got your tickets alreardy? I was going to wait so I could use my DVC for the reservations. Will we need to call in first thing?The Disneyworld half was sold out in the first half hour this year. Do you have the number and hour we should be ready to call (GMT?) Thanks in advance!

    1. NotYourNormalHealthBlog (Post author)

      I entered with a bib and room place so yes I have my slot. All I know right now is that Feb 16 is the entry day…. and in October when they opened entries they were by phone at 9am French time. I know the US phone lines were as bonkers as a normal Disney race, but I was on a plane when registration opened and so couldn’t apply – so I actually got my place the next day when more rooms opened up – some US friends then also booked direct via European agents because they had availability when the US didn’t. What they’ll do this time I don’t know, and many people might be put off travelling to Paris right now anyway, but I would expect it to be super busy.


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