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Sometimes, I can’t keep up with all that’s going on in the world of health! Last week I talked about the new My-Gene-Diet and lamented the loss of the Nordiska DNA diet which I had tried and liked but which seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Pooof: into my email the next day came a message from a company called DNAFit.

It seems DNAFit bought out Nordiska a while back and have been slightly refining the test and the diet ever since – and now it’s back. And it’s bigger.

Before they tested for eight genes – DNAFit test for 13 – including some interesting variations like the CLOCK gene which helps determine not only how your energy fluctates throughout the day but also how much of the appetite increasing hormone ghrelin you produce. Plus they look at your risk of inflammation – something increasingly being linked to ability to lose and gain weight. It looks a pretty thorough test – better than the original.

I’m not as keen on the new version of the diet plans though. As before, they offer three suggestions depending on your genetic profile – low-fat, low-carb or Mediterranean and, while the three-day diet plan they give you to choose from is, tasty and easy to follow, it’s not as customisable as the original Nordiska plan. That basically gave you a set number of protein, carb and fat servings a day – and a list of the right portion sizes for certain foods – so you could really tailor it to your likes and dislikes. Try as I might, I can’t see patterns in this plan that make it easy to swap things in and out and be certain that you’re still getting the right quantities.

They suggest if you do want to swap things around you speak to a dietitian (a 15 minute consultation does come as part of the £135 package) but I still like the fact that the last diet was easy to adapt without any professional help – it made it far easier to follow long-term. After all, you do want a plan you can follow for life if you’re going to keep the weight off. Adding a simple ‘carb’, ‘protein’ and ‘fat’ swap sheet would make this a really, really good product.

See, healthy food can look yummy!

See, healthy food can look yummy!

If you do try it, I therefore think a good piece of advice if you do try it is not to book the dietitian’s chat as soon as you receive your report. Instead, follow the diet for a few days so you can see what you do and don’t like about it – and make a detailed list of what foods you might want to add in. You can then ask specific questions about your likes and dislikes and really get the most out of those 15 minutes.

Oh, and just to be fair as I criticised the My-Gene-Diet for doing it – this plan also uses cups as a measurement – but don’t explain how big a cup is to us in the UK who haven’t got a clue. I suppose that’s what google is for but still it’s a simple thing to clarify.

to find out more, take a  look at the diet section of the DNAFit website here. If however you’ve stumbled upon this post and all confused about what  DNA dieting is all about, have a look at my past posts which explain the science behind it all.

What’s This DNA Diet Thing Then

The My Gene Diet

But before you go, there’s an exciting footnote:  DNAFit also offer genetic exercise tests. And while I didn’t test the diet this time, I AM testing one of those – it’s the one specially designed for runners and I’m hoping it might help me with my Dumbo Double Dare training. See I’m pretty sure I’m built for short bursts of speed not distance which makes running half marathons a slow process – I also tend to gain weight while training and focusing on long slow runs – but as I get a chat with a sports scientist as part of the plan, maybe they’ll be able to tell me how to adapt to fight my genetics.

The swabs for this are currently sitting in a post box awaiting their trip to the lab so I’ll let you know what I think of the test when the report arrives. Seriously, it’s a bit of luck I’m not criminally minded – with the amount of my DNA that’s flown around the country for posts on this blog I’d be caught in about 20 minutes!

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