Easiest Way To Eat Less EVER?

Wear a napkin on your lap!

Now I admit this isn’t from a new study – in fact it was published in 2008, but I’d never noticed this part of it until today and it intrigued me – and as I thought you all might like a break for the ‘what I did at Disneyland’ posts I figured I’d share it.

The study looked at things that correlated with how much people ate at Chinese buffets. Not surprisingly people who used smaller plates,  who used chopsticks, who walked the length of the buffet and saw what was on offer before they started scooping it all onto their plate all ate less – but so did those who put a napkin on their lap.

Now I thought it would be because having to remove your napkin from your lap kind of woke you up to the fact that you were heading back up for course number three, but apparently not. The study was carried out by Brian Wansink at Cornell and his theory was that putting a napkin on your lap is related to good table manners – and being mindful and respectful around a table is more conducive to monitoring what you eat and saying ‘no thank you’ when the little piggy part of your brain is hollering for more.

So, there you have it – napkin up, slim down. If you want to read the whole paper and get any more tips on negotiating the diet deal breaker that is the average buffet, you’ll find it by clicking on this handy link here.



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