Easy Ways To Makeover Your Life

For those who check this blog regularly – look, I’ve had a makeover. I decided the last theme was a bit hard to read. Hopefully this one will make things a bit clearer.

Mentioning makeovers also gave me an idea for today’s post – it’s a couple of simple ideas I’ve come across that can shake up your health and wellbeing – NB: I’m still aching from the first one!

  • Makeover your fitness regime: I saw this tip in Self magazine the other day and thought it was great. It actually came from singer Carrie Underwood. To liven up her workouts, she uses a pack of cards.

Each suit is assigned a body part – say spades for legs, diamonds for abs, clubs for cardio, hearts for arms – then you write down 13 ways you can work each area – so for legs, it could be lunges, squats,  kickbacks, one-legged squats, steps ups etc; cardio might be run on the spot, do jumping jacks, climb flights of stairs, skip etc. Now shuffle the pack and pull out a card – the suit determines what body part you work, the number determines how many reps – or in the case of cardio minutes – you do; work your way through the pack – and your list for as long as your workout time allows. I tried it – it was really good fun. And it must have worked a few muscles that normally get ignored  as I ached in some odd places the next day. See the full interview here for some more tips to try.

And this for tip two

  • Makeover your diet: I am addicted to the recipes in The Diet for Food lovers (The Pure Package).  I’m not exactly a natural in the kitchen and often, especially if I’m trying to cook Asian food, a plaintive wail of ‘it doesn’t taste of anything’ will at some point occur.  The Boyfriend then has to come in and rescue it (usually adding a few hundred calories in the process). The recipes in this book need no rescuing – and are super-healthy with it. My absolute favourite is the Griddled Kingfish Thai Green Curry. I make it with tuna instead of kingfish and it’s AMAZING.

This one is optional

  • Makeover your mind: Generally I find self help books too airy-fairy to work for me – but I loved this tip by the authors of Creating Your Best Life. They suggest that for a truly fulfilled life you make a 100 item ‘bucket list’ identifying everything you hope to do before you die.  But don’t just focus on experiences in this also include the emotions, ambitions, career, finances and relationships that you want to realise; for example ask yourself – which indivduals (or types of people) would you like to spend more time with; what are your specific financial aims, what types of relationship would you like to have in your life, what are the ten fairytale experiences you’d like to achieve, what one thing would you do if nothing was stopping you. Once you’ve made your list, pick the ten that speak to you most and work toward them. I’m working on mine now. Visiting the  Taj Mahal is on it, so is ‘doing more things that scare me.’ Watch this space for more on how they work out!

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