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I was flicking through magazines the other day and I came across a line in Zest magazine that I really liked. It was this….

Eat like you like yourself

I just thought it was such a simple rule to live by. And it’s similar to one of the favourite pieces of advice I’ve ever been given which came from from New Zealand based nutrition specialist Dr Libby Weaver. She suggests that before you put anything in your mouth you ask yourself. ‘Is this going to nourish or benefit me in some way?’ If the answer is no, then you probably don’t want to be eating it.

Now the thing I love most about that question is that it doesn’t restrict you to only eating food that’s good for – if you want something trashy like ice cream or chocolate because you know you’re really going to get some joy out of eating it – that’s nourishing you too. If you’re eating it because you’re tired, grumpy, unhappy or bored and are going to feel crap and beat yourself up for an hour afterwards, that’s not nourishing and benefiting so, step away from the fridge people. Healthy eating made easy eh?



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  1. Jonelle Patrick

    This is an absolutely lovely way to think about eating! I’m going to adopt it instantly. It makes me think about something I know about my hugest temptation: a big box of chocolates. If I remind myself that eating just one will make me hungry for more instead of making me feel satisfied, it’s a lot easier to keep the lid on!^^;; Thanks for posting!

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