Educogym: Post 2. The Diary!

So, yesterday I told you that I had decided to go to Harley Street gym Educogym and follow their intensive 12 day plan in an attempt to lose my stuck half a stone. If you didn’t read that post, skip back one and it’ll explain all the theory about what follows here and why I’m eating my own body weight in fat. What follows here is my diary of the 12 days of eating written day by day while I was on it. Warning 1 – it’s long……

Before you start reading though I have to reiterate one very, very important fact here for those of you haven’t clicked back a notch. Every other person who does Educogym does it under close supervision. You will see a trainer daily while you exercise and they can adjust anything that isn’t working for you – because of the distance between Harley Street and my house I didn’t do that. I went rogue. They gave me the diet, they gave me a take home exercise plan and we decided to see what happened…..the result was incredible weight loss, but I suffered for it. That’s why, even though I think this plan is brilliant, I’m not giving away specifics – you really don’t want to follow this thing without someone to tweak it. Read on, to see why. Warning 2 – things are about to get whiney. Very, very whiney.

This is Jagir, my trainer. He's as positive as he looks. This is a good thing!

This is Jagir, my trainer. He’s as positive as he looks. This is a good thing!

Day One

Breakfast is cheese and walnuts: It’s delicious, I’m enthused. Because I have to take a supplement with very specific food and exercise timings, I must eat lunch early 11am. This doesn’t go so well. It’s smoked salmon, cream cheese and a small salad. It looks great – four mouthfuls in though and it’s just too rich. I can’t actually stomach it. I don’t eat any more. This means two hours later I’m hungry – but I can’t eat again until 6pm. Dinner is pork, spinach and cheese sauce with pinenuts. It’s pretty good.

Day Two

Wake up with a headache that started last night. The scales tell me I’ve lost a kilo so I don’t care! My trainer Jagir has checked in and I’ve told him I’m having problems with the cheese already. He says to swap it for avocado. Today’s lunch is delicious – smoked mackerel, rocket and avocado. He’s also told me to skip breakfast as I have to eat lunch so early. Psychologically this grates, but I do it – and today the hunger isn’t so bad. I manage to last until 6pm for dinner – albeit shovelling some of my pinenut allocation into my mouth as I cook. It’s lamb with Brussels and more cheese sauce and pinenuts.

Day Three

400gm more has gone. The headache has been joined by a cold – the first one I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I knew it was coming, but normally when I feel a cold I have a plan: litres of orange juice, sambucol tablets, Echinacea. That stops them. Because two of those things contain sugar and sugar is bad (m’okay) I couldn’t do that so it’s here. The food is now making me feel nauseous. Lunch is actually a breakfast meal scrambled eggs and avocado. It’s okay. Dinner however is steak, nuts, avocado and green beans. It should be delicious – I can’t finish it as I feel so sick. The feel of fat in my mouth is now so cloying, it’s like an oil slick. I’m drinking glass after glass of fizzy water to try and clear it.

Day Four

300gm has gone – that’s 1.7kg along with 1.6% body fat according to my scales. There’s no denying the results are incredible (for my body anyway), but I’m now even dreading my morning tea – milk is too sugary so it has to be with double cream. The oil slick feeling in my mouth returns. I’m not sure what to eat for lunch – the very idea makes me feel sick. Every other review I’ve read makes the diet sound like a breeze, a treat – “ooh I can eat cheese, and steak and butter”, they say. I just want to eat fruit and a tomato and not feel slimy any more. The headache is still here and I’m abnormally cold. Admittedly I’m not sure how much of these two things are the cold and how much is the diet. I want to quit so badly…but that weight loss, it’s so tantalising. This is the lowest I’ve weighed in a year.

Day Five

300gm more has gone. Jagir rings at 8am, I tell him I’m feeling a bit rough. He says that day four and five are when things normally change. I’m drinking my tea black. I throw it up half an hour later. Skip the gym today as in my book, exercising while vomiting is something only crazy people do. The idea of any of my allowed food disgusts me – I force down a half portion of cheese and nuts at 1.30pm. In the afternoon I feel normal – I’ve still got a cold but all the rest of it has gone. I think I’ve turned the corner. I’m still disgusted by the food though – I eat a breakfast dish for dinner – eggs with cream cheese and streaky bacon. The eggs are fine, the bacon is vile – I spit the fat out – need to cook it crispy next time. For the fifth night running I’m in bed by 9pm.

Day Six

No weight loss . More black tea, last night’s return to normality has ended. I’m sick again (no, there isn’t something I need to tell you all) and now my energy is so low I can’t even get out of bed. I’m a morning person so this is not right. I’ve got a deadline this morning and can’t bring myself to write. I’ve had enough. I go to the shop and buy soup, the only thing I can face eating. I don’t care if it mucks it all up – life is too short to feel this miserable just to lose some weight. I start to feel better and make it to the gym in the afternoon.

This is what 5lb of fat looks like.

This is what 5lb of fat looks like.

Day Seven

No weight loss. Woke up at 6.00am this morning – was on the phone by 6.05am and pitching ideas at 8am. I’m like a different person, normal me. My suspicions are that rather than the diet itself, the sickness problems may be being caused by the Amino acid supplement they’ve asked me to take as I didn’t take it in the morning the last two days and felt okay in the afternoon. I had been taking the night time dose though. Last night I skipped that as well. I’ll check this with them today as I’m off for a weigh in. Their results tally with mine. 6lb lost, 2.5% body fat gone, no muscle lost. On my body that’s incredible. I also get to cuddle the Educogym ‘maggot of fat’ – it’s what 5lb of fat looks like and you can touch it when you’ve lost it. I’m so proud.

Day Eight

1kg gone. All change. When I went to see Jagir yesterday he was horrified that I’d been feeling so bad. If I’d been going in daily apparently they’d have tweaked and shifted things by now – I may even, drumroll, have been allowed orange juice. The theory is that because I rarely eat fat (except in the form of pasty and curry) my body can’t cope with what I’m throwing at it. He does says the supplements can make people feel a bit queasy too. They take me off the high fat plan and I go onto the no-fat one – this is more like my normal diet: yogurt and fruit for breakfast, salad and tuna for lunch – but with an added three course protein heavy dinner. Unlike the high fat plan this aims not to flatline insulin but merely to keep it low but stable throughout the day. I’m hungrier than I was on the fat plan, but at least I can face the food.

Day Nine

200g gone: This diet is much better – although the fact that I can eat fruit and yogurt means that it’s more snack friendly means it is testing my willpower more than the other one. On the fat plan I couldn’t face eating more than twice a day but now I’m getting more tempted to nibble. Resisting so far though – even when The Boyfriend was eating (my) Freddo frogs and making peanut butter I stayed strong. I am rather desperate for decent cup of tea though – black tea with lemon doesn’t cut it mid afternoon.  Still, must not moan – compared to how I felt about four days ago all is great. Even reading back on those past entries depresses me.

Day 10

No weight loss. I had an orange for breakfast today – can’t remember the last time I ate a whole orange. They come under the criteria of sticky fruit in my book and sticky fruit doesn’t normally get consumed unless The Boyfriend peels it for me. Normally he throws the odd segment seal-feeding-like across the lounge at me – it’s like Seaworld with citrus. Other than that not much to report. Weight loss has slowed, but I’m so happy with the results so far I can deal. Did have to miss the gym today because of snow though – gulp – there were a lot of press-ups in the spare room!

Day 11

No weight loss. Sunday lunch at The Boyfriend’s mums – there was a potato (two) and a Yorkshire. I did however decline desert and went back on plan immediately for dinner – am hoping all 7lb doesn’t go back on again tomorrow. Admittedly, I haven’t left the house socially either though as I can’t think of anywhere I can eat out and fit all the rules! Ah well, saving pounds as well as losing them I suppose.

Day 12

No weight loss: See this is my body at its normal best – I eat chicken or tuna salad for days and absolutely nothing happens to the scales! I’m calculating that I’m consuming around 1000 calories a day and nada – ah well, at least it hasn’t gone up which means I can successfully maintain things if I’m careful.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow when they get the callipers out – it could be that I’m still losing inches and body fat but my muscle is increasing. I’m looking forward to finding out.

So there you have it – my experience. Not normal apparently, but at least it was effective – tomorrow I’ll  give you all my final figures and tell you what I learned throughout the process. And then the hard work begins – keeping it off!


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