Woah: Bella Italia has a 259 Calorie Dinner

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If you’re having a January health or weight loss kick you’re probably looking at your diary right now with abject sadness wondering how you’re going to be able to leave the house and still stick on plan – but behold, Bella Italia have the answer. The launch of their new low-calorie, low-carb dishes. Look that’s one below, can you guess what its secret is?

White bowl filled with spiralised vegetables and prawns at Bella Italia

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That’s right, it doesn’t use pasta – instead, they are putting sauces on top of spiralised courgettes, beetroot and carrots and it’s seriously slashing the calories.

Note I originally wrote this review in 2015 when the menu launched and while the Spirali range is still on the menu a few things have changed in time – where that’s the case, I’ve noted it below.

What’s on the Bella Italia Spirali Menu?

There’s five dishes in the special Bella Italia Spirali menu overall (as I update this in 2020 it’s gone down to three) and a few months I was lucky enough to try the entire menu (sharing it with a few others – not even I could eat five entire bowls even if it was mostly courgetti) and it’s actually really, really good. There’s not a duff dish on the menu.

My absolute favourite dish was the Bolognaise above which uses a beef ragu on top of the spiralised noodles and comes in at 282 calories.

White bowl full of bolognaise on spiralised vegetables at Bella Italia

Winner for The Boyfriend was the 259 calorie Gamberoni made from garlic sautéed prawns in a spicy tomato sauce (that’s the pic at the top – although it looks a bit different on the new menu).

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The next few dishes I tried on the original menu seem to have been discontinued, for example when they first launched their vegetarian option was a super low calorie Pomodoro at just 134 calories.  They have however added the Lenticchie Spirali, a lentil bolognaise dish at 299 calories.

As an added bonus both the Bolognaise and the Gamberoni are also gluten free. The Lenticchie is also vegan.

With their veggie base they also count as one of your five day.

If you don’t fancy any of the above, don’t worry, Bella Italia are one of the good guys who print all their calories on their menu and I’ve done a deep dive into the whole menu and pinpointed the lowest calorie options to pick. You’ll find it here.

To find your nearest  Bella Italia branch here’s where you’ll find the address and the dishes launch from today (January 5th) at all the restaurants nationwide.

NB: 7/1 The first draft of this post talked about a sixth dish – a second chicken salad – however, this was left off the final menu. This post has been edited to reflect the change.

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