Fab Winter Workout Tip

I got an email the other day with some fantastic fitness tips on it. They came from personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read who is working with muscle-soothing range from Nelson’s Arnicare in an attempt to keep us all moving all winter. And one of her ideas is is so blooming simple, it’s genius!

Put Your Workout Kit on the Radiator


Explains Lucy…..”When it’s cold, it’s often tempting to stay in and be cosy, so why not try an alternate way of getting warm? Before layering up and heading outside, place your exercise clothes over a radiator (even your socks) for at least 5 minutes. Make sure your final layer is bright and visible then you’ll feel warm from the inside out, as your clothes start to cool down and your body warms up during your workout.”

Why have I never done this before? Why? Admittedly I’d probably put the clothes on the radiator then put them on and decide I was too snuggly to head out the door and retire to the sofa in my freshly warmed kit – or I’d fart around so long sorting out my shoes, plugging in my shuffle, turning on the virtual giraffe fitness trainer app so I earn him some food points and don’t nearly kill him (there was a dreadful near death experience on Monday that’s still traumatising me even now) by which point all my kit would be cold again, but as a concept for people more organised that I am, I love it.

So, what’s your trick for getting out of the door when it’s cold outside? I normally find so long as my hands are warm I’m actually okay and I don’t mind running when it’s chilly (rain and snow are other matters entirely) – but I’d love to hear what everyone else does.

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