Feeling Blue? The Website You Need To Visit

This month’s theme is all things NEW that might help you lose weight, get fitter, feel prettier. Feeling a bit down in the dumps is likely to cancel out all of these things so behold today’s NEW thing…..the website www.emergencycompliment.com.

Just type it into your browser – or click above – and embrace the warmth of slightly bizarre compliments like ‘you’d be the last one standing in a horror movie’ and ‘your sneeze is like a chorus of angels giggling’ – or this, my personal favourite for today.

I think this is what happens when you go in with wordpress open!


If the compliment doesn’t cheer you up,  you can just click ‘I still feel crappy’ and you’ll get a new one – if nothing else, the constant clicking will keep your hands out of the biscuit tin unless the mood passes. If you like it, I’ve discovered there is also an emergency compliment book.

Talking of compliments – it’s an exciting day today – I got my 100th official subscriber. Now, if I was an organised blogger I’d have done some kind of competition for this point and awarded a prize but…… Instead I’ll just do a name check – everyone, wave at mytopweightloss. Maybe go click on her site too.

And thanks to the rest of you for being here in the early days, the days where I noticed every click and measured every miniscule rise on those bars on the stats chart – oh who am I kidding, I still check the blooming things hourly!

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