Freeze Frame Instant Lash – Wow!

There are not many beauty products that make me go ‘wow’ as I use them – Freeze Frame Instant Lash did. Made by an Australian company, it looks like a mascara, but it’s not…..ooooh, no – instead it’s DIY lash extensions.

Why I Need Freeze Frame Instant Lash.

I am stubby of eyelash. This is strange as my fingernails grow like weeds and anyone who has ever had the misfortune of doing my highlights would describe my hair using the phrase ‘there’s a lot of it’, my eyelashes however are resolutely stumpy (comments about how this may be related to my sleeping in mascara will be duly noted and completely ignored).

I love false lashes but always feel a tad drag queen wearing them in the day (plus there was a moment when I popped on a pair one Saturday for the fun of it only to lose one up the vacuum as the glue was so bad) – this however solves the stubby lash problem in about a minute. As I type I can see my right lash as I blink. I feel suitably glam. In my view this is how all people who write about beauty should work – all swooshy of lash and tippy, tappy of nail.

Looks like a mascara.....isn't

Looks like a mascara…..isn’t

How to Use  Freeze Frame Instant Lash.

The first thing to get the hang of is how to apply it. It’s not done like mascara. Instead, it has its own little motion which they describe as upwards and backwards (I’m not totally sure what that means). What I did work out is that you focus on only the tips of your lashes and after some gentle coaxing, you can actually watch little bits of lash filament attach to your own lashes making them look longer.

At this point I’m staring in the mirror thinking only one thing….This. Is. AMAZING.

The companies version of what should happen

The companies version of what should happen

The instructions tell you that once you’ve applied the filaments you then put your own mascara over the top to seal the filaments in place. As my current mascara is a thick, crusty substance that looks more like it should re-tar roads than grace someone’s face, I’m not sure this did the results any favours but you can see the before and afters below (they look better in real life!). My only criticism was trying to get the application the same on both eyes – even now I think my right eye is a little longer than the left!

Before and After Freeze Frame Instant Lash

Top is before, last one is extensions and mascara

Top is before, last one is extensions and mascara

Freeze Frame Instant Lash is available at Look Fantastic and I think it’s brilliant. Some people online have complained that they found the fibres fell off into their eyes – I wore it all day yesterday and didn’t have any such problems, although there was a little bit of smudging by the time I got to Sainsbury’s. Yes, that’s how glamorous I am – I wear falsies to do the cleaning and extensions down the freezer aisle. Don’t say I don’t know how to live…..



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  1. Must Have Boxes

    Wow, this mascara looks amazing! I want to try it.

    – KW

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