Fru Snax – Melty Snacks of Excitement

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I’ve been doing an end-of-the-year spring clean in my office and, lo, behind a cupboard I found a leaflet I’ve been looking for for ages. It was about a product I tried at the Lunch! show back in September called Fru Snax. At first I wasn’t hugely excited by these – they just looked like little dehydrated fruit snacks and I’ve seen those before ‘try some, you’ll be surprised’ said the man behind the stand. Now I’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I know what can happen when strange men offer you odd sweeties but still – nothing ventured and all that.

I put the little pink flake on my tongue and WOAH – instead of turning into slightly gooey strawberry as I was expecting it melted into a yogurt. It turns out the bag mix up slices of strawberries with freeze dried pieces of yogurt. Cue minor fizzing of confusion in my head and much excitement.  ‘I’m definitely writing about these,’ I told the nice man – and then I promptly lost the leaflet and couldn’t remember the company name so that all went out of the window. UNTIL NOW.

So what are these melty snacks of excitement going to provide nutritionally. Well, for starters there are only 45 or 47 calories a 12g bag which isn’t bad. While munching your way through that you’ll consume 1g of fat and 6.4g of carbohydrate – 6.2g of which is sugar..

If you want to give them a try you’ll find Fru Snax stocked at Holland & Barrett for £1.25 a bag (where I did have to laugh that the list of all the things they were ‘free from’ didn’t just include wheat, gluten and soy but also included ‘mollusc free’). There’s three flavours Fig Slices with Cherry Yogurt Melts, Peach Slices with Vanilla Yogurt Melts and the one I tried Strawberry Slices with Raspberry Yogurt Melts. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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