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I get to interview a lot of trainers for my day job and sometimes they give me great tips that don’t just quite fit in the piece I’m working on. That happened the other day when I asked Australian trainer Kylie Edwards for some tips in a piece. She came up with a really fun way to liven up a workout with a friend and so I asked her if it would be okay to use it on here. Thankfully she said yes

Here’s her idea…

“Grab a training partner and take it in turns ‘calling’ the workout, go for a run and pick point to point marks (telephone poles, picnic tables) where you increase the pace, run for a certain distance or minutes then stop and do some some squats on a park bench etc. This way you don’t know what’s coming so you can’t dread it. It also allows you to have fun with a friend.”

I loved this idea for a few different reasons..

  1. When you’re working out with someone else it can be hard to ensure both of you are meeting your current training goals – this way you can both think of what you need to achieve that session and come up with a move that helps you do it.
  2. We’re always being told that it’s mixing up moves that keeps your workout interesting – and the more different moves you try, the more your body is challenged – well if you’re not the one picking the moves there’s a good chance they aren’t things you do every day. Especially if when you’re not training together the two of you do completely different classes – when you’re trying to decide on things to do, pilfer ideas from the things you don’t do together.
  3. The dreading it part…..I won’t go to the bootcamp down the road from my house because I suspect they will make me do burpees. And I hate burpees – I don’t know how to do them properly, I refuse to do them badly in case I get injured…and then I look like a big fat wuss. If your mate suddenly shouted ‘burpees’ as part of this challenge, you couldn’t get out of doing them but because you didn’t know they were coming you also wouldn’t spend the workout dreading the moment they would arrive. Mind you, anyone who shouted burpees when they were working out with me, would no longer be called my friend.

So that’s my idea for that day…..what’s your favourite way of livening up your workout?



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  1. prairieprincessrunners

    Yes! Just say no to burpees! This is a fun idea…I’ll have to try being social and going out with another person more often 😉 ~ Lindsey

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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