Greggs Calories: The 19 Lowest Calorie Choices Found For You

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I have a downfall when it comes to eating healthily – and it is, all things wrapped in pastry. Sausage rolls, pasties, pies – omg, puff pastry pies. As such, I worship at the temple of Greggs – but, I’ll be honest, I never thought to check the Greggs calories list before. And then I wondered one day – exactly how many calories are in a Greggs Sausage Roll?

Two Greggs Sausage rolls

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Turns out, it’s not as many as you think. Seems if you’re not eating them in pub-sized portions and if you don’t add chips, mash or mushy peas, pastry-wrapped foods aren’t quite the diet sin I’ve led myself to believe all these years.

However, it is true that some choices at Greggs are a bit more calorific than others – so, to save you scanning the Greggs nutrition leaflet while hungry hoards desperate for a vegan steak bake wait behind you (it’s got very small type, it could take a while to pick things out), I’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the Greggs nutritional information – and picking out the lowest calorie options. And here they are…

Your Guide to Greggs Calories


If you’re starting your day the Greggs way, head straight for their Balanced Choice Range all of which come in under 300 calories – the Strawberry and Granola Yogurt is the lowest choice at 194 calories. You could also pick up a Tropical Fruit Pot for just 72 calories more.

Otherwise, a simple Croissant has 306 calories, or grab a Bacon Roll – it’s only 349 calories; theoretically more filling as it contains protein as well as carbs – and it’s probably a lot less likely to flake all over your work outfit.


If you’re picking lunch from the Eat Me Hot Range…surprise! The lowest calorie choice is the cheese one. The Mature Cheddar Cheese and Chutney Toaster in a bloomer has 462 calories and the Cheddar and Ham option is only slightly more.

If you prefer your sandwiches of the cold variety, The Ham Roll is the absolute lowest choice at just 172 calories – you can even have a bag of crisps with that!

Next up is the Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber Bread Pack at 351 calories –which is surprising as normally you can strike anything with the word mayonnaise off the healthy list!

The Egg Mayonnaise Bread Pack also comes in under 400 calories.

Of the Sub Rolls, the Honey Roast Ham & Egg Salad is your best choice at 332 calories.

Lastly, if you want something a bit bigger, the Tuna Crunch Baguette is 461 calories.

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Ah, here we get to the best bit – the list of pastry-wrapped goodness – and behold, the famous Greggs Sausage Roll contains just 327 calories. I will repeat. The Greggs Sausage Roll has fewer than 400 calories.

The Vegan one has even fewer but we’ll get to that in a minute.

A few other goodies on this part of the menu also come under 400 calories – including The Bacon and Cheese Wrap and the Steak and Cheese Roll.

And for those wanting news of the Greggs Steak Bake Calories. It doesn’t quite sneak into the list of lowest calorie options in Greggs, but it does only have 408 calories – so, just walk around the block a bit afterwards and let’s not worry about it.

Veggie and Vegan

There was quite the fuss when Greggs launched Vegan-friendly products, so if you don’t want to eat meat and are watching your calories, which pastry product should you choose?

Greggs Vegan Steak Bake with a bite taken out

As alluded to above, the Vegan Sausage Roll is your answer. It has just 312 calories. Over one hundred less than the Vegetable Bake which sounds like it should be healthier. That’s why I love writing these calorie posts – I always find something that surprises me..

And as for the infamous Vegan Steak Bake that started a million Twitter wars – that has just 380 calories.

Pasta and Soup

If you’re fancying one of the Greggs Pasta pots at lunchtime, then pick the Pasta Tuna Crunch which has 355 calories – the Feta and Tomato option is a tiny bit higher at 378 but still, not a bad choice.

The Tomato Soup is 213 calories a cup.

Doughnuts, Cakes and Biscuits

Okay, so none of them is an apple, but life is too short to never have a treat – and actually, they aren’t as scary as you might think. Would you have guessed that the Glazed Ice Ring Doughnut only has 202 calories. Nope, me either.

When it comes to cake, if you have willpower, pick up a pack of the Mini Raspberry and Almond Bakes as each one has just 69 calories – you just have to not eat the other three in the pack.

If that’s completely unfeasible as a concept, then the Novelty Ring Bun is 213 calories.

Biscuitwise, go for a Gingerbread Man – it has 179 calories. The Lemon Shortbreads with Belgian White Chocolate have fewer calories at 155 per piece but, again willpower will be required as it comes in a pack of two!

So there you have it. What to pick in Greggs if you’re watching your calories whether for weight loss or health reasons.

Remember, to maintain your weight the NHS suggest sticking to the 400:600:600 rule where you have 400 calories for breakfast, 600 for lunch and 600 for dinner – and there’s actually a lot on the Greggs menu that fits the bill.

Where to Find the Other Greggs Nutritional Information

If your favourite isn’t listed, you’ll find a full list of Greggs calories on their website.

The nutritional information leaflet covers all the items on the regular menu – if you’re looking for one of the chain’s regional specialities or items that are only stocked in their hospital shops, then click here and you’ll find calorie information for the whole range.

This main leaflet is also handy if you’re tracking other nutritional elements like fat or sugars are is marks items using the traffic light system so you can see instantly if you’re favourite is green, amber or red.

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