Grill’d Calories: The 11 Best Burger Choices to Order

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There’s a lot of good burgers in Australia, but if you want a ‘healthy’ burger, you take yourself off to Grill’d. They pride themselves on their natural ingredients – there’s no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of their own brand burgers. and they, have all sorts of healthy additions in their range – low carb buns, sweet potato fries, burgers made from mushrooms and Beyond Meat patties.

But, what if, among all that health, you’re interested in the lowest calorie options in Grill’d. and can’t face trying to work out the calories from the kilojoules while standing in a queue. Our guide to Grill’d calories does the hard work for you…

(Image Grill’d. Used with permission)

The Lowest Calorie Grill’d Burger

There’s a lot of burgers to choose from on the Grill’d menu but, overall, the absolute lowest-calorie burger in Grill’d is the veggie Field Day burger at 459 calories (1930kj).

This combines a grilled mushroom, parmesan cheese, jalapenos, onions, lime and chipotle mayo – and something called wombok which I admit, I had to look up. It’s actually a Chinese cabbage if you’re also wondering.

Now, what if you don’t want to go veggie – then what’s the lowest calorie option for you in Grill’d?

Let’s Start With the Beef Burgers…

The lowest calorie beef burger is the Simply Grill’d which has 571 calories (2400kj). As the name says, it’s pretty simple but has all pretty much all the basics you want in a burger – grass-fed beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion, relish and mayo.

Chicken Burgers

As you’d expect the chicken burgers score a bit better on the Grill’d calories scale and for the absolute lowest you’re looking at the HotBird at 500 calories (2100kj).

Now, this might surprise you if you were simply reading the menu as it has sour cream in it – and that’s not normally associated with low-calorie anything – that’s why I love doing this posts, there’s always something that surprises me.

To be fair though, there’s not a huge amount of difference in calories between the HotBird and the Sweet Chilli Chicken, the Zen Hen and the Simon Says which all contain fewer than 521 calories.

Wagyu Burgers

The whole point of Wagyu beef is that it’s fatty and juicy so not surprisingly, the Wagyu burgers contain more calories than most of the other offerings at Grill’d, but if you are picking one the Wagyu Wonder has the ‘lowest’ calories – at 714 per burger (3000kj).

Lamb Burgers

There’s only one of these on offer but if it’s your favourite you’re looking at 633 calories with everything on it.

Selection of Grill'd burgers
Image: Grill’d. Used with permission

Plant-Based Burgers

As I said, the absolutely lowest calorie choice in Grill’d is one of their mushroom-based plant burgers – but when it comes to the others don’t be tricked into thinking that they are all salad in a bun – the Beyond Garden Goodness is one of the highest calorie options on the whole menu at 738 calories (3100kj).

Of the Beyond Meat choices, the lowest calorie option is the Simply Grill’d which has 628 calories (2640kj)

Of the vegan choices, your best option would be the Vegan Cheeseburger. This is a pea protein pattie with vegan cheese, pickles, mustard, onion, ketchup and vegan mayo. It has 571 calories – same as the lowest calorie meat burger (but obviously kinder!).

So there you have it – the round-up of burger-based Grill’d calories – but what if you want a side dish or a salad? Or decide to swap your bun – what’s the deal there. Your questions are answered…

The Lowest Calorie Fries in Grill’d

It’s the Sweet Potato Chips at 236 calories a serving for one (992kj).

There’s a whopping saving between these and the normal fries. even a snack portion of the normal chips is 378 calories (1589kj).

Oh and those Zucchini chips might sound saintly being a veggie and all, but they have 338 calories (1422kj) in a single serve.

If like me, chips of any kind do not come without dip, your best choice is the Tomato Relish Chip Dip at 35 calories (150kj).

What’s the Deal with the Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun?

All of Grill’d’s buns aim to be low sugar, but their special Low Carb Superbun takes things to another level and the company claim that most of their burgers ordered on a low-carb bun will contain fewer carbs than the average sushi roll.

It’s made from almond meal, eggs, coconut cream, honey, tapioca flour and psyllium husk, and it contains fewer than 9g of carbs per 100g of bun.

Weirdly though, despite them being super open about everything else on the menu, I couldn’t find an exact number for the low carb bun calories or how many calories you save (or gain) when swapping to a Low Carb bun from a traditional bun on their website.

The burger that comes with it as standard, the Nourish and Flourish, has a calorie count of 711 calories (2990kj) which isn’t the lowest calorie item on the menu but it also has avocado which could bump things up a notch.

Thankfully, the team at Grill’d were happy to answer my question about calories and told me that the low carb super bun has 295 calories (1242kj), compared to 187 calories (786kj) in the traditional bun.

That means you’re not going to save calories by ordering a low-carb bun – but, if you’re on a low-carb diet, or avoiding wheat for some reason, it is a good choice.

The Grill’d team also told me ‘our nutrition reports also confirm it to be a good source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron while also providing 100% of your daily needs for vitamin E!’

Can you Go Keto at Grill’d?

Yes… in fact, they give you a how-to guide suggesting that ordering either a chicken or Wagyu burger with the low carb bun fits into a keto diet – or, you can ask for any of the burgers without any bun at all which obviously fits the bill.

Also watch out for higher sugar add ons like carrot or beetroot in which ever ready-made burger you choose. You might want to build your own burger and choose the less carby/sugary add ons.

What About Gluten-Free?

The offer specific gluten-free buns and the Low-Carb Bun also doesn’t contain gluten.

Most of the burgers are gluten free – the exception is the vegan ‘beef’ pattie does contain gluten.

Are Grill’d Salads Low Calorie?

One of the reasons I do this kind of post is to stop people ordering salads that actually contain more calories than the thing they really wanted to eat in the first place. It’s surprisingly common.

Grill’d offer two salads and the lowest calorie one, the Superpower Salad has 588 calories (2470kj) – that’s roughly the same as the Simply Grill’d and more than both the Field Day and the HotBird.

I’m not saying the salad is an unhealthy choice – it contains heaps more veggies than you’ll get in a burger for starters, but if you’re ordering it purely because you’re trying to cut calories, you can find lower calorie options on the menu (if you skip the sides).

So there you have it. Our guide to Grill’d calories and the lowest calorie choices you can make. Did we miss anything? Make a note in the comments if we did and we’ll try and find out the answer for you.

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