Gym-spiring Tip of the Day – (and my review of Drinkwel a hangover remedy)

I just read something in Self magazine that says visual reminders as to how amazing you feel when workout can help keep you motivated – and in fact encourage you to workout 50 percent longer! So, your mission to day is to make yourself an inspiring post it note – or a little sign – and stick it somewhere. Why would you do this? Because slack off season is coming. That time of the year when everything conspires to stop you working out – parties, hangovers, Xmas shopping, snow. It’s all just round the corner, so go on make yourself a motivating sign to look at when you don’t want to go to the gym and refuse to be beaten. Here’s mine. As you can tell, I’ve worked how to use Paint. Not well, but at least I can use it.

Oh, and talking of hangovers. There’s a new product out called Drinkwel that claims to help ‘support your body while drinking’. Containing the vitamins destroyed by drinking its tagline is ‘Your Body Will Thank You’ .To use it you take three capsules before you go out and three capsules when you get home. I had high hopes as it contains N-Acetyl Cysteine one of the few things proven to help fight that morning after feeling; kudzu a herb that apparently makes alcohol less appealing and can reduce consumption, milk thistle which is my normal hangover remedy of choice – and heaps of other nutrients. I took mine, drank a little bit more than was sensible (seems I don’t listen to kudzu!), remembered to take the second dose. Woke up at 8am – decided I was dying. Decided the product didn’t work! Theoretically end of the review. But……..


Then things changed. After a liberal application of Tiger Balm to stop the drumming tribe of monkeys dancing round my head hitting things and a large cup of tea, I did manage to get into town on a bus. This was by 10am – and I functioned just fine the whole of the rest of the day – I even went to the gym! So, while I didn’t avoid a hangover, it certainly didn’t hang round as long as they normally do. Not that I get them regularly of course, clean living health journalist that I am. If you want to try it you’ll find it at this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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