5 Bathroom Cabinet Must Haves (by a health journalist)

One of the first questions you get asked when people find out you’re a health and beauty journalist is, ‘what’s good?’. My questions is lots of things are good, but that a better question to ask a health or beauty journalist is what do you actually spend your own money on. You see lots of things are good, great even but that doesn’t mean I’m actually willing to spend my cold hard cash on them rather than just learning to live without them after I’ve tried them. To achieve that honour something has to be really, really good. So, to get us started, here’s five things I can’t live without ….

1) Bimuno Travelaid (www.bimuno.com): These prebiotics help feed levels of good bacteria in your gut and are specifically designed to promote the health of those that protect you against food poisoning. During recent exoticy trips I’ve taken these prebiotics. My boyfriend hasn’t. We’ve eaten the same food, off the same plates, he’s got an upset stomach. I haven’t (sniggers behind hand).
2) Boots Derma Care Daily Moisturising Cream (www.boots.com). You know that scaly skin you get on your shins that makes you look like a snake – this stops it.
3) Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils (www.aromatherapyassociates.com) – particularly the relaxing ones. I like sleep, the Nana nap is the reason I’m freelance, but sometimes sleep doesn’t like me. A bath in their Deep Relax oil will send me snoring in 10 minutes.
4) Crème de la Mer Eye Concentrate (www.cremedelamer.co.uk). Believe the hype – I thought the original moisturizing cream was good, then I tried this – lines literally disappear as you use it (not forever sadly)
5) Carnation Pedi Roller (www.pediroller.co.uk) I’m plagued by plantar faciitis that I got wearing ‘sensible’ ballet flats on a trip to Rome five years ago. Now I know ballet flats are not sensible. They mess up your feet as they have no support. If you pronate like I do, they are a recipe for pain. However if I feel it coming back I use this for 2-3 minutes every hour combined with a magic stretch from the University of Rochester. It stops it in its tracks.

  • NB: the first question is always: What celebrities have you met? Answer: not many. I write about health remember; Dr Christian Jessen, Dr Hilary Jones are about it – but they’re both very nice if you’re interested.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net

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