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Well, that was a bit of a longer break than I was expecting. It’s been months. And it’s not like I haven’t been doing cool bloggy stuff either – Sydney is packed with healthy stuff to do. I’ve tested heaps, but the sun’s out, the sea is shiny and I’ve got about 100 bars and restaurants on my doorstep so frankly, sitting inside typing does not sound appealing – but I’ve missed blogging. So, I figure, maybe it’s time to restart.

And what better way to start than with a round-up of some of the healthy things I might have written about in the last few months if I hadn’t been living it up. So here goes….

  • I’ve eaten cauliflower cookies. Made by a company called Ella’s Wisdom these combine the delightful combination of ingredients that is cauliflower, almonds, desiccated coconut and coconut sugar. They’re Paleo, they’re vegan, they’re devoid of all sorts of other things healthy people like to avoid. They also taste faintly like eating the cabbage you used to have for school dinner in a biscuit form. I didn’t hate it – but  let’s just say one was enough.
  • I ran the Sydney Bridge run. Oh the joy of running again. Days were when I used to run the Sydney half marathon but the idea of training for a half while trying to move countries didn’t seem the most sensible of ideas and so I chose the shorter 9km run which still sees you running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge but with less miles afterwards! The course was pretty hilly and a bit too narrow in places for the sheer number of runners trying to attempt it, but it was nice to get a medal again. My time was embarrassingly slow so I’m not revealing that any day soon, but I got round – and I ended up with a black toenail, which must mean I’m a proper runner right?


  • I went to the opening of Australia’s first vegan pub – that’s right, all the food, all the wine, all the beer completely and utterly animal-free. Called The Green Lion this is situated in the upstairs of a traditional boozer in the Rozelle district slightly west of central Sydney. To get in there you have to walk through the lower pub and the grizzled old guys down there looked most perturbed at this group of health freaks wandering through their doors. The place was heaving. It was really strange. Being used to press launches where no-one eats, it was odd to see people grabbing the food so fast they couldn’t get supplies to the furthest corners of the party. I literally had to form a guard around the plate of veggie burgers to get a picture of them before they got snaffled. For that reason I only got a chance to taste about two bits of food but what I had was really good. I haven’t had a chance to go back and eat there properly, but when I went past it the other day on the bus it was still heaving. They’ve obviously got a winner on their hands there.
  • I kind of went to a health food pub  Bondi Harvest at the Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junction described itself as a health food restaurant in a pub? You can imagine the joy this spread into my little heart can’t you. Off I went, all enthusiastic only to find the rudest, most stuck up staff I’ve ever met in my life! I didn’t eat anything, I didn’t even get asked if I wanted a table (and there were lots empty), I wandered round the whole place for a good three minutes looking interested and smiley and not one member of the five staff there spoke to me. So frankly, you can stick your healthy pub!  Interestingly, I just went on to find their website to link to and it says it’s now Permanently Closed so obviously I wasn’t the only person not impressed!
  • I ended up at a sex toy launch with a couple of girls from The Bachelor. Of course having only just moved back and not being au fait with Aussie tele stars I had no clue that I’d decided to sit next to the celebrity guest – thankfully, I didn’t end up in the pictures of her waving the buzzy things on the Mail’s sidebar of shame. The range is called Smile Makers and it’s the first range sold in a mainstream chemist here in Oz (Priceline to be specific), so it’s kind of big news.But that’s not why it’s getting a mention on here – that’s because I learned some amazing facts during the launch. Fact one was that if you want to test a sex toy you do it on the end of your nose as the nose has erectile tissue inside it! Also, the range is named for various fantasy men – the Surfer, the Millionaire, the Fireman –  and they wanted shapes that reflected the names. One of the products is called the Frenchman and they showed us the concept drawings. Let’s just say I can never look at a croissant or a baguette quite the same way again. It was strangely fascinating to learn about.

So, there you have it……a brief synopsis of some of the healthy things I’ve done in the last few months. There is more, but a couple of the things I’ve tried warrant slightly bigger posts – so coming soon, my trip to chill out at the Sydney Labyrinth – and the magic herbal tea that changes colour – there’s video and excited squealing in that one.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where the blog is going, how often I’ll post, what angles it’s going to take or anything – but I have missed doing it – and, I’ve definitely missed trying things out for it so I think we’ll be keep going for a while.

If you do want more regular updates on what I’m doing though do follow me on instagram. I’m @bemoreunicorn, I’ve worked out that taking pictures of things is a lot quicker than typing blog posts and can be done while actually out. Oh, and Sydney health folk – if you’ve got something you’d like me to test, taste, try or review, get in touch at The stranger the better.

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  1. lynnestaubynLynne

    Nice to have you back! So envious of your run across the bridge – I wasn’t a runner when I visited Oz. Need to do another trip once I’ve got all the Disney running out of my system and saved up!

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