Heels Up: The Simple Way to Flatter Abs

So, I’ve had a busy fitness weekend – I did my 5k Park Run with a new PB, then I tested that seven minute workout, then I did 4.5 miles on Sunday (the longest I’ve run in a very long time) – and then, because my abs were the only part of my body that didn’t hurt yet I decided to test a tip I found in my email in-box.

It came from fitness expert Lyndsey Todd who runs a training group for personal trainers and it seemed stupidly simple – but with the promise of big results. It read as follows….

‘Lift your heels off the floor to engage your abs before you crunch. You’ll target your abs precisely and avoid arching your back.’

Hmm, I thought – will it?

Well, after a conscious set of 10 crunches with heels up, and 10 with heels down – repeatedly about five times while I ummed and ah’ed, I can say that yes, it does feel different. The crunch is definitely more focused and I can feel the muscles along the side actually pulling. It might still not flatten as well as a plank, but hey, planks are miserable. I hate doing them and I don’t mind doing these.

Talking of misery and pain – at least now I know that my legs were aching for a good reason yesterday. While I know I’m a few days behind in posting this (because I only saw the pictures last night), pictures of the medals for the races that I am doing at Disneyland this summer have been released. For those of you who have asked why I would put myself through running a 10km one day followed by a 21km the next, this is why. Bling. Look at their little jingly magnificence. Behold how shiny and cute they are.

Although, if you still think I’ve gone mad, you can join the queue behind The Boyfriend who really doesn’t get it at all!

I particularly like the Dumbo one. I'll get the first three.

I particularly like the Dumbo one. I’ll get the first three.

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