How To Beat Gym Bloat

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Today’s question: What possible reason could there be for me to enter a gym with a (relatively) flat stomach, yet emerge 60 minutes later looking six months pregnant?

Now, assuming I rule out the incidence of some weird gym machine impregnation (like that woman who ate the dodgy squid piece and ended up with squid babies) because, let’s face it, if I don’t that’s me and the lat pulldown parting company from now on, I’m figuring it must be something to do with my ‘I puff up like a balloon given the slightest opportunity’ stomach, and that something, according to Kesh Patel, Research and Development Manager for Premier Training International is that I’m swallowing air as I exercise.

‘This is quite normal and very common during high intensity work or weights – as during this type of work you tend to hold your breath occasionally,’ Kesh tells me. ‘When you take a breath in after a breath hold it’s invariably larger than normal and some air escapes into the stomach. During rest, this would escape as a burp, but, the high intensity of exercise may keep the stomach constricted and prevent this from happening and so you become bloated.’ The problem also gets worse apparently if you’re dehydrated when you exercise – a dry mouth triggers you to swallow more and as you do that you gulp in air as well. Hmmm, breath holding and dehydration – yep, that sounds like me at the gym….

So, if that’s the case, my next question is how do I stop it. After all, it’s a tad frustrating when you plan your pretty Saturday night outfit around a pencil skirt- and yet, by the time you get home from the gym your stomach is not pencil skirt friendly. Apparently, I’m to breathe as regularly as possible and not hold my breath – and take more sips of water. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet – today’s gym workout was a bit lazy, in fact, I’m typing this first draft in the cafe!!! But I’ll let you know…….


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