5 Ways To Improve Your Run While It’s Raining (or Snowing)

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This time in five months I will be packing my suitcase ready for my trip to the US to run the Dumbo Disney Double Dare – I know it’s not until 5 months and a week away (or according to the Countdown Clock on the website 158 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes at the time of typing), but it’s a long flight and an eight hour time difference I need to get there early! (Plus, I haven’t been to the US for three years there’s a LOT of shopping and eating to be done.)

The only problem is, right now I’m not running a step. I started training to train (as they say), but let’s just say my motivation is seriously low and I’m getting a bit concerned that this might be the hardest race I’ve ever trained for. I haven’t run any decent distance for nearly four years now – and the last times I’ve had a good running routine established anyway, had running buddies to train with, lived places with generally good weather and had some of the most beautiful scenery in the world to occupy me on my morning outings. Here I have none of those things and right now, it’s not feeling appealing.

Tempting as it is to just wallow in my Running Pity Party (I’d contemplated ordering balloons) that isn’t going to help so instead I have been inspired by a press release I got from a trainer called Greg Sellar headed up ‘how to improve your run while it’s raining.’ Obviously aimed at fairweather runners like me who think they are going to melt if they go outside in bad weather it gives a few tips of things to do on days when rain stops play – and the treadmill doesn’t appeal.

Ideas to Try

He suggests things like working on your stretching, strengthening your core – and, most interesting to me, spending time poring over Google Maps to come up with new running routes. This got me thinking, as I can’t run this weekend (my back is still not quite right after the cactus/protein shake induced injury) I shall instead, attempt to do lots of other things that will help shake me out of my running funk. Which have so far included….

1) Writing my training plan in my diary so I know what I need to do when. Officially training starts on May 1st so I have a while to at least get into a routine. This has calmed me down a bit.

2) I have checked out Google Maps and worked out some new routes that I’m going to try out – and written them in my diary so I don’t forget. I may even take the train to the seaside or into London for a couple of my longer runs and meet The Boyfriend afterwards to make a day of it. If I’m still finding things tough I do have the option of doing my longest back to back session down at my mum’s house which is by the sea (Mum: pop that on your calendar – August 17th/18th)

3) I am going to create themed playlists. There’s a lot of songs out there with the word ‘run’ in them – and ‘move’ and ‘fast’ – the permutations are endless. I’m even wondering if I can come up with an hour’s worth of tunes with a ‘Dumbo’ theme – so far I’ve got Africa by Toto, Fade to Grey by Visage – and my piece de resistance Elephant by Alexandra Burke (the remix), which is actually a pretty good running tune by the sounds of it.

4) I’m also thinking about kicking off my ‘training to train’ doing another exercise challenge similar to last year’s 30 minutes for 30 days – although this year it would be mostly running orientated – at least then I would be focusing on something other than the run itself. I’d be trying different training techniques, or testing new gizmos etc but getting the time on my feet in while I was doing it. And last year’s one turned into my book – which needs a sequel – so it could be win, win all round with that one.

5) I have cued up Spirit of the Marathon on my ipad. If that doesn’t inspire me I’m doomed.

So, what else would you suggest I do? Any tips you use to get the steps in? Any inspiring running books or movies to watch or suggestions for songs on my Dumbo playlist? Or, anything you’d like to see me test? Give me some new ideas to try.

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