How to Wake Up Happy For Your Morning Workout

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Studies show that those who workout in the morning are more likely to stick with their plans – but there’s now a new reason to move on first thing. Studies from the US’s Northwestern University have shown that people exposed to bright light in the morning seem to have a lower BMI than those that snuggle under the duvet for as long as possible. Exactly why isn’t known but it’s possible that it regulates appetite hormone and may even alter the way we metabolise sugars. But what if you’re not a morning person?

No, sorry I don’t have a miracle cure for that – but I do have a way to at least feel a bit enthused when you wake up. You see until recently my alarm was a nice tinkly bell sound, then I had to get up early for a flight and the only place to charge my phone was a long way away from my bed so The Boyfriend set the alarm to that horrible klaxon sound that you just can’t sleep through.

The problem is, I didn’t look at what he was doing and so I then spent six week waking up to the horrible klaxon sound. It did not start my day well. Eventually I decided enough was enough and made him teach me how to change it (it was remarkably easy if you know where to look – big hint, it’s not in sounds, it’s in the alarm app itself!) and as I was doing it I noticed I had the option to add a song as my wake up tone. More importantly the song that was being suggested was Best Day Of My Life by American Authors. Erm, talk about most motivating thought to wake up to EVER. Plus it starts with some jaunty woo woos and a woo woo makes everyone happy right?

So that’s it – my alarm ring tone is now Best Day of My Life and weirdly it does make me think ‘wow, what could actually happen today. Could it really be the best day of my whole life?’ As yet I admit they’ve more kind of been okay, than amazing,  but I’m still hoping. And hope is fun. Any day that starts full of hope and possibilities is a good one I reckon.


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