I’ll never moan about running again*

This months theme is all things new so here’s: The NEW Health Treatment I Tried – okay, so it’s old in the scheme of time itself, but new for me.

Honestly, I swear my body hates me. Here I am desperately trying to maintain the miracle kilo I left in Japan and phumph, my back goes out. It’s been like it for 10 days now and while I tried exercising through it a run the other day actually left me in tears of pain. I’ve now been told by the physio to rest for a week. Of course now all I want to do is exercise and I’m skitting round the house full of nervous energy!

Attempting to make lemonade out of this though, what my stupidity did mean I could test was the painkilling power of acupuncture. The physio needed to work on the muscle that was in spasm, problem was it was angry she couldn’t touch it let alone knead it without me swearing and kicking, so, she shoved six needles in my butt and left me lie there for five minutes – frantically trying not to think about the fact that there were needles in my butt. She then took them out and prodded the relevant area….it didn’t hurt. Completely bizarre, total turnround in just five minutes. I was impressed – plus it meant she got to do her proddy physio thing, I didnt cry, everyone was happy. Let’s hope by the end of my week of stretching and sitting on a hot water bottle my back will be too

Thankfully you don’t need your back to say NO, so NO-vember is going well. Yesterday I said no to…..
Going out for a Chinese meal (had supermarket pizza instead)
Alcohol – had water and pineapple in a wine glass
Salad with my pizza – this wasnt going to be a healthy salad, there were tomatoes in oil cued up and ready
My evening snack

Yay me and my willpower.

  • NB: I will moan about running, often,..especially now it’s cold but I’ll try and appreciate that I actually can do it while I bitch and gripe.

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