Wineathlon: It’s a Run – With Wine!

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Well despite the fact that I haven’t yet actually done a run yet this year* my run calendar for later in the year is looking rather full as, the other day, I entered the Cambridge Wineathlon which is taking part on September 3rd! And, yes as the name suggests it’s a run with wine stops – why, why would I not want to do this?

There’s six runs in the Wineathlon series and the length is between six and nine miles depending which race you choose – the one I’m doing says it’s ‘six and a half miles ish’ which I like in its vagueness – and there are wine stops with samples every couple of miles – as they put it, ‘our energy drinks come in red, white and rose‘ – now unlike some themed runs when you’re forced to cram down at doughnut at each stop, it clearly says that wine is optional. Right now I’m Helen – team of one – but I’m hoping my friend Jackie (and maybe some of you guys) might join me so I’m not saddy-no-mates while everyone else is wolfing down the rose – although, looking on the bright side this might give me a chance to win!!

Right now, the exact venues for the Wineathlon races haven’t been confirmed, but generally locations include Conwy (North Wales), Cambridge, Worcester, Thorstonland in Yorkshire, Glasgow and Durham, and they are taking place each weekend between August 28th to October 1st. It looks like entries for each event close about a month beforehand. If you want to find out more details regarding entry, here’s what you need to go, Not surprisingly, the events are not open to under 18s. There doesn’t seem to be a pace specified on the page – but they do say ‘walk’ on the page so I’m guessing it’s not super fast – which is a good thing, even though the wine samples are only 20-30ml, I’m not speeding off after drinking one as there lies potential mucky trainers!

NB: I have also discovered that the same organisers do a Pieathalon and a Chocathalon (see details in the athalon section here) – why am I not the official blog ambassador for these people?

But Wineathlon isn’t the only vino fulled run out there – there’s also the Bacchus events which take place in September in Surrey. This is a 2.5km fun run, a half marathon or a full – again with wine stops en-route. I’m not sure I could cope with a half marathon with wine though – six miles sounds just fine. If you’ve completely lost it, then fly to France and run the Marathon du Medoc, which is again in September (why are all these runs in September?) and combines the tiny feat of running 26 miles with refreshment stops containing wine, oysters and steak.

Oh, and beer drinkers, your runs of choice are those organised by Beer Belly Running – described as events ‘organised by idiots’ you can do everything from a hangover run, a 5 mile slobstacle course or charging up a hill with a pint in your hand. I’m contemplating one of these this year as well – if I do it, I will be wearing my old trainers!!!

So, anyone else fancy trying one of these – or have you already done a wine run and what was it like?


    • Training note: While I haven’t managed to run this year I’m not sitting completely on my butt –  I have been to the gym (more on that in a few posts time), I’ve been testing an app and I’ve done a class or two – oh and I’ve been on holiday again. More on that next post – did you know it’s possible to do healthy stuff in Las Vegas?



  1. lynnestaubynLynne

    Wineathlon. I love it! I’ll see if I can persuade some running buddies – and a driver!

    1. NotYourNormalHealthBlog (Post author)

      I’m going by train – may even book a hotel the night before. I’ve never been to Cambridge.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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