It’s all healthing up at Zizzi

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Well, this is exciting…….following on from Bella Italia’s foray into spiralised veggies at the beginning of this year (which has proved so popular they’re keeping it going until April) news has reached me this week of a heap of new healthy options on the new Spring menu at High Street Italian Chain Zizzi – if you’re vegan, dairy free, or counting your calories it’s time to book yourself a night out.

First up is the launch of pizzas containing the fabulously named Mozzarisella – which, it turns out, is a cheese made from rice.

Erm, okay – mind is now is confused. How do you make a smooth creamy thing from hard grains of carby stuff…..(frantically googles)…..actually it seems what they do is ferment the rice with spring water to make a rice milk type product and then turn that into cheese. Which then creates a cheese that’s dairy, lactose and animal product free – and as such is suitable for vegans and those who generally avoid all things cow-juice based. Mozzarisella is available as a stand-alone product in health stores so some of you reading this might be aware of it, but now it seems that Zizzi have got their hands on it and are offering it as an alternative to normal Mozzarella on their pizzas – hoorah! They’re also offering vegan friendly wines and a vegan coconut and mango based dessert (below). Excellent work.

Zizzi Spring Menu Vegan Dessert

But it’s not just vegans that have more choices now…..Zizzi have long offered gluten free bases for their pizzas, but they’ve also expanded their gluten-free range adding a Beef Short Ribs dish. On top of this, the calorie counters among you also get a boost with the addition of some more dishes to their less than 600 calorie range – there’s a fish and potato based dish (Seabass Caroccio) which is marked as containing fewer than 500 calories or a salmon one on courgetti with pesto (Green Goddess Salad) which comes in at under 600 cals. That now means 15 dishes on their menu contain under 600 calories – that’s a lot to choose from.

I admit I haven’t been to a Zizzi for a long time – I was obsessed with them for a while and like anything you go to over and over again once you decide to make a change you often don’t go back, but with all these additions I admit I might have to head there next time I’m on a night out. Mine’s a Rissoto Pesce if you’re ordering.



  1. jmitchellpalmer

    Congratulations to Zizzi for introducing a dairyfree Mozzarisella and a vegan coconut and mango based dessert and an extended gluten free range – can’t wait to try it! I’m gluten free and my husband is dairy free. Thanks for alerting me to this!

  2. chrisjcucchiara

    Ok I know the saying “you learn something everyday” is cliche, but it applies today! I had no idea cheese could be made from RICE! What the heck! I am thinking about making pizza at home this weekend and will definitely try Zizzi out over the bagged Mozzarella that I usually use! Thanks for the cooking tip!


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