It’s Bacon, Sausages and Burgers……made of fish!

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A few months ago a van pulled up to the house and a man got out carrying a large white Styrofoam cooler. This is not unusual, it happens often. What was unusual was what was in the cooler…..and entire range of bacon, sausages and burgers made from salmon.

It’s by salmon makers MacKnight and the bacon at least has already been a huge hit in Canada and Denmark. The idea is that you can replace your normally meaty breakfast (or dinner) goodies with versions higher in omega 3 fats and with fewer calories. Sounds good right. But what do they taste like….?

Well we certainly got to find out quickly as what else was unusual about this particular shipment was that they arrived a little bit defrosted so we had to eat everything in one go. Which made for good comparison but did leave us a bit, erm, full……..Still, the verdict was not swayed by our inability to shift off the sofa for the next few hours.


Actual salmon burgers

While there is no way you’re going to be fooled into thinking you’re eating a few rashers of piggy fineness or a quarterpounder, when you serve these up, if you forget that and think of them as stand alone products they are actually pretty good. I liked the burgers best, followed by the sausages, then the bacon…..The Boyfriend, was the other way round. He was keenest on the bacon.

There isn’t an overly fishy taste, or texture which could be a bonus if you’re normally not keen on fish. In fact, if you’re cooking for kids this could be the protein equivalent of hiding the veg in their potatoes (do mum’s still do that?).


Actual Salmon bacon

Caloriewise, I only have details for the bacon as when I tried them there wasn’t proper packaging for everything but here’s how it¬†compares to a piggy-tastic rasher….

Salmon Bacon per 100g
Cals 132
Fats 4.6 (of which saturates 0,91g)
Protein 21.9g
1.2g of Omega 3
Piggy Bacon – back – per 100g
Cals 262
Fats 14.6 (saturates 5.7g)
Protein 32g

Now, considering how long ago I tried this, you may wonder why it’s taken me so long to tell you about it. Simple, it was so new when I tried it that they hadn’t got distribution sorted out yet and I thought I’d best wait until they had – which is now. So, if you want to try the products yourself you’ll find them in Wholefoods branches. If you want to see more details,visit their website Upon which I’ve just spotted they now also do Ikea style salmon based Swedish meatballs which even though I’m typing this at 7.30am in bed, sound AMAZING……….erm, Mr Man with the Styrofoam container, you know where I live right? this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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