It’s Book Publication Day

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Cue rush to local WH Smith’s at lunchtime to get embarrassing gurning photo (that’s my excited face). I would have had more books behind me but they’d sold some – yay.

Oh and I have a new game for you – as of Monday, there will be The High Fat Diet posters going up in railway stations around the UK. Tell me if you spot one – and the first person (who isn’t me) to snap a selfie with one and post it on here gets a free copy of the book.


  1. Jo Waters

    well done Helen!

  2. arianvitali

    Congratulations! Squeal of excitement here in NZ!

  3. Jonelle Patrick

    Wow, congratulations! *\(^o^)/* What a thrill to see it on bookstore shelves! Even better to see fewer of them, for such a good reason. Wishing you lots and lots of sales & success!

  4. Fitphernalia

    Congrats! It looks awesome and must feel so good to finally hold it in your hands 🙂

    1. healthehelen

      Thank you. I’ve never been in the country when one has come out before and it is quite fun.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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