It’s Bunless McDonalds – but is it any good

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As I have briefly mentioned I’ve recently spent a few weeks in Sydney – and of course, while I was there I was looking for healthy stuff to try.

It’s not hard, every corner seems to have a juice bar and you can’t walk into a park without tripping over someone doing bootcamp – but you know I’m never going to cover any of that ordinary stuff, I wanted to hunt out the more unusual healthy ideas around town – and boy, were there a lot of them……so let’s get started, with Bunless McDonalds burgers.  That’s right, your favourite guilty pleasure has had a health-over. Look, here it is…

McDonalds Bunless burger

Australia was the first country to get the McDonalds Bunless Burger and now, after success there, it’s being rolled out elsewhere (though not yet in the UK).

It’s part of what they call their Create Your Taste program. In this, instead of ordering your burger at the counter you do it via a touch screen choosing what type of bun you want, how many burgers, if you want toppings like cheese, bacon, onions and pickles and which sauce you want.

And, one of the options within this is to banish the bun entirely and wrap your patties in lettuce. I was very excited.

There was however a tiny problem. I don’t really like McDonalds. It’s not a ‘my body is a temple’ thing, it’s not an image thing, I’m just not a huge fan of the taste of their burgers and so, I wasn’t looking forward to testing this.

Step forward The Boyfriend, who, loves McDonalds, but rarely gets to go in there because of me. He was very happy to take on the challenge and decided to attempt to create his own bunless Big Mac.

So, Does the Bunless McDonalds Taste Any Good?

I did have a mouthful I admit – and the concept does work.

The lettuce wraps round the bun nicely and. it. combined with a clever little cardboard doo-thwacky, holds in your fillings and, it makes a really nice change to a stodgy bun.

McDonald’s don’t have nutritional information for how many calories swapping to lettuce saves you, but my estimate would be that it would take the calories of a Big Mac down from 508 a serving to about 350-400.

The patties did still taste like the normal ones though (sob) so I’m still out for that reason.

The Boyfriend however was impressed with the taste, the extra veg (this is a man whose last meal would be salad) and lack of carbs, but not with the fact that his little build your own experiment cost nearly$AU12.00 – around £6.00.

How to Make Your Own Bunless Burger

So, while, even if they do come here, I’m not going to be rushing to buy Bunless Maccas any day soon, I DO like the idea of lettuce wrapped burgers and can see me giving those a try at home.

All the lettuce wrapped burgers I’d seen in the past used iceberg, but this version using slightly softer easier to wrap leaves works much better.  Thanks for the idea McDonalds!

If you’re not a lettuce fan, it’s not the only thing you can use instead of a bun. Here’s five more suggestions…

I regularly eat a burger squashed between two grilled flat mushrooms

Or, swap your burger round – have two thin patties and the toppings inside

Try slicing an apple and using that – no really it works brilliantly with cheese

Grill some thick slices of aubergine

Or, check out this genius idea from Mos Burger in Japan of having it between two bits of a beef tomato. Check out the full story at redonline

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  1. Jonelle Patrick

    Wow, you know what amazes me about this? That lettuce actually looks quite good! I mean, it looks like professionally styled lettuce, not like the pitiful rags of green that often come when you’re hoping for something this fresh. Well done, MickyD Australia!

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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