How Empathic Are You? The E Test Tells You.

Fun (but useful) post today becauseĀ it’s a Friday and I’m the mood to have some fun…

I came across a test that psychologists use to determine how empathic people are – and now you can play too.

The test is called the E test and all you need to do to carry it out is to ask someone to use their finger to draw an E on their forehead.

If they draw the letter so that it ‘faces’ them – ie they could read it, but it would be backwards to anyone looking at them, they may not be so good at picking up the emotions of others. Those who draw the E backwards to them – ie so the onlooker can read it tend to be more empathic.

Let’s just say it worked on me and The Boyfriend – and I’ll let you work out who scored what!

Note: I am not responsible for any relationship or office rows that occur while doing the E test! Particularly as the creators of the test say that bosses are also more likely to score as less empathic and more self-focused. It also has a slight gender bias – women are more likely to draw the E so others could read it.

If you want to read more about the E test, you’ll find it in a book called Friend and Foe: When to Co-operate, When to Compete and how to Succeed at Both by Adam Galinksy and Maurice Schweitzer. Click here to check it out on amazon. There’s also an interesting article on how they proved it worked – and won a book deal doing it.


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