It’s May: Time for the ’30 New Healthy Foods’ challenge


It’s the first of the month and I have decided that it’s time for a challenge. I’m always fascinated when I hear about foods I’ve never tried yet; after all I’ve been eating stuff, quite regularly and normally in fairly impressive quantities, for a while now – you’d think I’d have tried all that there was to offer. But no…..

Between more and more intriguing foods from other cultures making their way here, new varieties of fruit and vegetables being created, things I know exist but haven’t actually bothered with tasting before (hello ancient grains) – plus of course the myriad of low fat, high protein, low carb, gluten free – and heaven knows what else – goodies launched every day, there’s heaps of new stuff out there.

So here is my challenge.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be trying a new – to me, or to the market – healthy food daily for the next 30 days. On the list so far include…

A Mexican staple which may help reduce appetite – and has The Boyfriend very nervous

The newest incarnation of one of the most divisive foods I’ve written about on here

The secret food every long distance runner has to try

And a snack that I will actually film cooking!

It’s not just an excuse for me to pig out (honest): I’m hoping it’ll give me some new ideas to liven up my diet – and maybe do the same for you too. If there’s anything you’ve seen on the shelves and thought ‘what the heck is that?’ I’m open to potential suggestions too.

Oh and don’t worry fitness fans, I’m not abandoning you; if I don’t want to finish the challenge the size of a house I need to do a fair bit of exercise over the next few weeks, so hot exercise news will follow forthwith!


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