Top Tips for More Successful New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that day again – the one where we decide to all the same things we failed miserably at last year. But this year, let’s try and change things a bit with some simple tips that help maximise your chance of sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions.

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Starting with the concept of Resolution Maths.

What is Resolution Maths?

Quite simply, it’s the formula for successful resolutionising (is that a word?) from the author Charles Duhigg which is ….

Habit + Cue = Reward

I’ll explain

First up decide what new habit you want to create – let’s say going to the gym three times a week

Now, you need to create a signal that cues your brain to do it. So, maybe set your alarm to ring 10 minutes before you are supposed to go workout playing Eye of the Tiger or something else suitably motivating

Once you’ve done your task successfully – give yourself a reward like a bath with posh bath oil or an episode of Nashville.

Finally, write the formula down

Gym + Rocky = Deacon and Avery time

This cements it further in your brain. The more time you repeat this process the more likely you are to stick to the habit says Duhigg.

So there’s one suggestion you might not have tried yet. Let’s try tip two..

The Word Swap to Make

This tip comes from life coach Pete Cohen and he suggests that instead of using willpower, you use WHYpower and really look at why you want to do something. The more compelling your reasons the more likely you are to keep things going when barriers appear.

So, there’s your mission. It’s time to think about your whys.

Or Just Change a Letter

If you’re trying to break your takeout habit, this tip came from a tweet from UK based fitness trainer, Richard Callendar and I absolutely love it. He says to…

Replace the word ‘Fast’ in fast food with the word ‘fat’ and it might start helping you make better choices.

Admittedly, the odd burger and fries won’t do anyone any harm, but if you’ve developed more of a takeout habit than is good for you, perhaps if you start referring to it as ‘fat food’ it might not seem quite so appealing! I’ve now been sitting here pondering other name changes…

French Thighs; Hips-burger; Big-riito, Cornish Fatstry – and if you think about in a different way, The Whopper and the Big Mac don’t really need any alteration! Got any more for me? Add them in the comments below.

Get an Exercise Loyalty Card

You know if you go to the same coffee shop over and over again you collect little stamps and claim your prize? Why not do the same thing with exercise. Here’s my idea….

1) Decide on your reward.

2) Decide how many runs, walks or trips to the gym will get you it.

3) Make a card and tick a box off every time you succeed.

4) When it’s full, claim your prize.

Remember, reward is one of the things that help you stick to a habit so this creates a double brain whammy.

Make This Your Mantra

‘A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.’

I loved this tip when I saw it on the blog of health coach Elly McGuiness. So, ask yourself not just want do you want to achieve – but how are you going to do it and when by. Then start making that happen…if you need more tips how then check out Elly’s post on how to stick to a fitness plan here. 

So, there you have it, a selection of top tips to help increase the success of your resolutions – I’d love to hear any more of these you’ve found too. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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