It’s 100 calorie cake.

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It’s Healthista day…..and this month’s round up has cake!

Specifically, Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie cakes which, it has to be said are pretty amazing. If you haven’t heard of TLN their ethos is simple – they sell food in calorie limited portions. So cakes, chocolate and crisps all bundled up into little 100 calorie packs – so you don’t have to worry about willpower. Excellent.

I don’t normally eat cake, but if I did I wouldn’t think of serving myself a portion about the size of a matchbox – but that’s how big the TLN cakes are for their 100 cals, and, to be honest it’s just enough to satisfy you. There are three flavours – Carrot, Country Fruit and Lemon Drizzle- of the three Country Fruit scored highest in our house, but the Lemon Drizzle was a very close second.


I also tried their 200 calorie ready meals – which again, make me realise that my normal serving of chilli is probably about 1000 calories (which could explain quite a lot). I’ve had one of these for lunch each day this week with a salad and been surprisingly full afterwards. It just proves that my problem is I think I need more food than I actually do. If you want to check out the full Tasty Little Numbers range you’ll find it on their website They’re currently having a 50% off sale too – bonus!

So what else is over at

There’s details on the UK’s first Paleo restaurant, information on the Osmosis Diet, a heads up on a tasty new addition to your kitchen cupboards, Christmas themed exercise classes and, news on the really tough new bit of exercise equipment your gym might be adding soon. There’s a bigger post on that coming here this weekend…….let’s just say, I’m not a natural.

So, don’t forget to head over there and check things out by clicking on this handy link. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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