The Tep App: Behold my Cute New Trainer.

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He’s pooped….how do I clear up poop?

This was the slightly bizarre conversation going on at NYNHB-Towers the other morning. It seems my new personal trainer isn’t quite so good on the personal hygiene front.

Okay, he’s also a small animated giraffe called Flubby who appears on my phone encouraging me to exercise (sorry for all those expecting hot man pictures).


Well, I say encouraging, bribing might be a better word as frankly, if I don’t shift my butt, Flubby dies. Welcome to Tep, the first-ever Tamagochi inspired fitness app.

Erm, What’s a Tamagochi?

For those too young, or who led more exciting lives than me in the 1990s, and don’t know what a Tamagochi is, it was a little egg-shaped electronic pet.

Every day you had to attend to it, or it died.

Mine was called Ralph and I still have him – although he did shuffle off to electronic heaven quite some years back.

What’s This Got to do With Exercise?

Tep works on the same principle. You switch on the app when you’re going out to run, walk or cycle and as you move you collect points.

You can then spend your points on food, drink and outfits for your pet giraffe.

If you don’t feed him, he gets sick….and eventually dies…..but he’s ever so cute and has big eyes so the theory is because you really don’t want that to happen so you keep moving regularly.

How Well Does It Work?

Now, I admit the app has some limitations.

It does sync with your Fitbit but even though mine says it has synched, steps don’t seem to buy you any Flubby points so you still have to remember to turn on the app and take your phone with you when you exercise to get your points.

Admittedly it does track distance and speed so that’s quite useful but I don’t always run with my phone so poor Flubby doesn’t get all the points he should. It also has a coach mode, but I keep forgetting to turn it on, so I have no idea what that does (sorry!)

tep fitness app review

Also, as cute as Flubby is, I admit, that the fact that you have to switch the app on to interact with him is a bit of a flaw in the motivation stakes.

He needs to be a bit more in your face…an ailing giraffe on my phone screen when I woke up would guilt me into moving.

I’ve been stuck on a plane for a few days and he didn’t look at all well this morning when I switched him on. I’m now trying to work out how to fit in a run as I need to earn some more points pronto before he carks it.

If you’re less of a soft touch though this may not quite be motivation enough to leave the house.

Oh, and you can also pet him – he makes cute chirriping noises and seems to fart hearts when you do. He hasn’t pooped again though….anyone know how you help a constipated giraffe?

If you want to try it, Tep is available free from the normal app stores. It is super cute, although don’t blame me when you get funny looks stroking your iPhone screen on the bus!

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