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If you watched last night’s Fat Sick and Nearly dead on Channel 5 (and over 1 million people did) you’ve probably not chewed much today – in fact you’ve probably consumed most meals through a straw! The story of Joe Cross, an Aussie who decided to go on a 60-day juice fast, lost nearly 100lb doing it – and then inspired a heap of other people to do the same – is a testament to how food can be medicine. If you missed it you’ll find the programme on Channel 5’s play it again service here for the next 13 days. If that doesn’t work for you, check out the DVD via amazon Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead [DVD] [2010] or look at services like netflix that offer it. Or just watch the trailer here to get inspired.

I am not the juice fast type – but for the last week, alongside my solid food I have been consuming large numbers of bottles of liquidised broccoli, kale and spinach. The reason is a company called Savse. Now Savse claimed to have made vegetable based juice so good you’ll won’t notice the veggies in them – I wasn’t so sure, but do you know what they are right. All the juices are really good – even the one I’d saved till last. The one I’d was expected to make me gag as I consumed it. Broccoli, pear, spinach and kale.

Now, broccoli is not my favourite vegetable. I’m like a child and I’ll eat it under duress because I know it’s really good for me – but I tend to do it dipped in gravy, mayonnaise, mustard or by mashing into my potatoes. The idea of drinking it was making feel faintly nauseous. When I went to drink the juice I refused to smell it in case I threw up – but actually I wasn’t pleasantly surprised.  It’s not bad. The first taste you get is banana, the second is pear, lots of pear and then there’s kind of muddy back taste which I think is the vegetables but overall it’s really, really good. I felt heaps of little health points racking up in my body with every mouthful. My cells were singing with glee as mushy bits of green stuff supplied them with anti-oxidants and other vitamins. My brain……oh enough of the descriptive writing. They’re nice and they’re good for you, okay.


If you like the sound of it you’ll find the juices in a selection of health stores around the UK. But what if you’re not in the UK, or not near a shop you ask? Well so, did I – and I therefore asked the inventors for some tips that would help people who couldn’t buy it but wanted to try it make their own veggie based juice. They didn’t want to give away their secrets and so couldn’t help which is fair enough – but, I’m a detective me and I have found their secret recipe. Oh, okay, the quantities are written on the back of the bottle. So, while I can’t tell you how to bind them all together to make exactly the same product, it seems you need 150ml pear juice, 80ml broccoli puree, 5ml kiwi puree, 5ml lemon juice, 5ml banana puree, 4ml kale pulp and 1ml spinach juice to at least get something that resembles it.

I wasn’t giving up in my quest to help though. My next stop was Nick Ledger. Nick is the British equivalent of Joe Cross having cured himself from ulcerative colitis via, mostly, he believes, a juice based diet, he now runs the website UKjuicers.com. What he doesn’t know about making vegetable shaped items into goo probably isn’t worth knowing and he was delighted to give me a couple of pointers if you do want to start making your own veg-uices. Which are….

1) Use fresh veggies – unlike fruit which you can smoothie, puree or juice once it goes mushy, veggies, as they get old also get bitter – that it not going to make for yummy juices of goodness. Nick also suggests organic veg if you can.

2) Do not go overboard with strong tasting veg. These include celery, kale and beetroot – start small with these then add more to taste

3) Two apple and one lemon can make a huge difference to any vegetable based juice. Start with them, add some green and keep tasting until you like what you find. If things go the wrong way veggie wise, add another apple – or something else balancing like pear, ginger or cucumber to change things the other way again.

4) Oh and get a good juicer – their site will help you select the right one for you. Happy pulping.

NB: I am an Amazon Associate so if you do click the DVD link above I do make a small commission if you make a purchase.



    I have just purchased a juicer so am experimenting with flavours, really interested in recipes. I am now keeping a diary on any changes I feel to my energy level etc.

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