No Such Thing as a Light Weight

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This weekend I made a conscious effort to get back to the gym. Running may do wonders for my sanity, but it does absolutely zip for my waistline and so there is a dire need for interval training and the lifting of weights.

Woman lifting barbell over her chest

Of course, when you haven’t actually lifted anything for a while you’re a bit rusty and, considering I already have a pretty weak upper body at the best of times, I realised that the heaviest weight I could manage on today’s set of bicep curls was the second weight on the stack.

At this point, the evil gremlin that would much rather I were in the pub/going shopping/lying in bed reading a book emerged muttering ‘Two weights. You’ve schlepped yourself all the way into town to lift two weights – why bother?’

I was agreeing with it and embellishing with my own numerical dialogue – two weights, a measly nine kilos, what’s the point?  – when the maths part of my brain kicked in….erm, nine kilos is 20lb.

Twenty pounds is a stone and half. You’re lifting a stone and a half with that little bulgy muscle on the top of your arm.

At this point I decided I was a bloody super hero.

After all if you asked me to go out and lift something that weighed a stone and a half up and down 36 times I’d tell you I couldn’t do it, it sounds so heavy – yet those weights just look so small.

At this point I realised there’s no such thing as a light weight on a gym machine. This has inspired me no end. I damaged my shoulder a few years back and find it really hard to lift it over my head without it hurting – and so if I do the shoulder machine I can literally only manage one weight – 4.5 kilos. Because that looks so pathetic, I don’t work one part of my body that probably really needs building back up – but now I’ve realised, even that one weight is over half a stone. I’m lifting half a stone with a shoulder that had a tear in it!

And yes I know that some of you reading this can probably lift two, five, ten – or more – times those amounts but that’s okay, I’m only interested in the fact that I’ve learned how re-framing how you think about something in the gym can make all the difference in inspiring you to do it. Next stop is lifting two stone. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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