Little BU: It’s nail polish for the disorganised.

Okay so that headline isn’t strictly true. if I asked Little Bu founder Patricia Dente-Haimes who the target market for her chemical free polish is, she’d probably say pregnant women, or little girls who want to look like mum (but whose mum doesn’t want to expose their small people to the toluene, formaldehyde or DBP that can be found in normal nail polish)….but it’s also perfect for people like me.

See, I like a polished nail in the evening – but, as I have nails probably a little bit longer than they should be (they are freakishly strong and I never think to cut them until one breaks) in the cold light of day a bright polish can look a bit tacky.

It seems such a waste of time to paint the things on, then spend ages the next day scrubbing them off with polish remover – not least as in my house polish remover tends to disappear (it’s good for cleaning something to do with gadgety things apparently and so The Boyfriend will often pinch it) and so when I need it I have to hunt the house for half an hour to find where it’s gone this time. Which is what brings me to the brilliance of Little Bu.

It washes off with soap and water. That’s right…..a quick scrub under the tap and pouf, nails au naturale again. Even I couldn’t believe how fast it came off.

I wore it out last night the colour and coverage were fab – although it does make for strategic soap placement post trips to the bathroom. There was a slight chippage of the right thumb, but 60 seconds after walking in the door I had completely nude nails no nasty chemicals required. Love it……If you think you might too, you can buy it via amazon


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