The Beauty Trick That Makes You Look Younger -in One Minute

It takes one minute to look younger according to scientist Richard Russell at Gettysburg University - here's what to do

No, this isn’t a dodgy infomercial. It’s actual science. It seems turning back time is not just about fighting wrinkles.

Professor Richard Russell from the US’s Gettysburg College has found that as we get older features like our lips and eyebrows get lighter and our skin gets darker reducing the contrast between them.

A simple way to look younger therefore is to restore that contrast.

And you can do it in about a minute as the handy illustration below shows….and no, you don’t have to make-up all of those areas in one go if you don’t want to. Even just adding contrast in one area was enough to get results.

Simply darken any of the areas above and voila, instantly younger

Simply darken any of the areas above and voila, instantly younger

You can use your own favourite products to do this, or here are mine….

Brows: You’ll get a perfect result with a brown shadow and the Art Deco Eyebrow Stencil kit,  £6.75 at Find my longer post on this here

Lashes: New Freeze Frame Instant Lash, £29 from Look Fantastic looks like a mascara but instead adds tiny fibres, eyelash extension style. See my post on it here. Wear your normal mascara on top to double both length and thickness – I can’t recommend one of these as I’m currently on the quest for a good one. I’m actually considering starting a mascara blog!!!!

Liquid liner: The easiest I’ve found to use is Miner’s Define and Line, £2.99. It’s just like drawing with a pen and gives a superfine, subtle line. Try the Blue shade for a less harsh look.

Lippy: It doesn’t have to be berry dark or bright, bright red. In the trials, a dusky pink like Collection Cosmetics Lasting Colour Lipstick in Sweet Tart, £2.99 was enough to create contrast.



It sounds so simple, but scientists at Gettysburg University in the US found that simply definiing any of these areas has an immediate anti-aging effect. To check out the science -and my favourite products to getting results head to the blog post. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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